Wait, hold on.. Why is the tower not collapsing?

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Quarity constluction.

Normally a tower that size should vaporize into dust, really weird find. Must be the Chinese engineering that kept it standing.

Chinesium has a higher melting point than steel.

Wi tu lo

Needs more planes

Supreme chingchong engineering

Building 7

it's made of concrete, not steel beams DUH

Changkeks roasting on an open fire

Chinese copying Grenfell, they are complete copyright bandits.

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Western intellectual property theft has gotten out of hand.

Chink Final Destination. I had a dream the CCP enslaved me and some other people and put us to work. Eventually a joint operation between local, state police, and the FBI busted the operation and freed us.

My analysis: You're a bootlicker

bets on this building collapsing into its foot print at freefall rate of acceleration?

>chinesium stronger than muttinum
China was always the real superpower, enough mutt cope.


they are just firing it like you do with pottery.

Because it’s built completely differently then WTC1 and 2s stressed tube design.

>Media reports claim that tower is office of telecom company.
Uncle Ted Kaczynski predicted this.

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insurance scam with no regard for those inside

sewage oil can melt chinese steel beams