Captured ukrainian soldier

captured ukrainian soldier.

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Ukraiiiinieeeeee SLAVAAAA!!!

a fucking coke bottle! they can't even give xer a proper dilator!?!?! this is a war crime, if xirs vagina closes up it could negatively effect xirs life forever.

>complain about war crimes while invading
>post yourself torturing PoW's - a war crime
russians are so fucking gross, holy shit

Idiots. It's an old video of a RUSSIAN soldier being abused by a Chechen officer. This is commonplace in the homosexual Russian Armed Forces.

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this is coming from a country with trannies everywhere lmao
off yourself useless country

Why do russian soldiers always do gay shit. Wtf is this

Russians fucking love ass play with subservient boys.

Why do the Russian authorities pimp out white men to goat fucking subanimals? These are the kikes Any Forums is rooting for?

False. That's a typical scenario in Russian military where non-whites abuse Russian soldiers.

Hi Denis, so which one is it? Captured Russian soldier or captured Ukrainian soldier or just Russian barracks?

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this video like 6 years old

He will be a good worker to clean up rubble in donbas that his shit people caused due to shilling.

Hey at least the hohol lives to see another day.

This, chechens and other mudslimes buck break white russians on mass. It's standard to have your ass violated in russian military.

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How the fuck can all of them have a professional photograph taken of them while airing out their assholes?

russia is like 25% muslim, this isnt a war in ukraine its a jihad

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the muslims are invading europe again only this time from russia not turkey

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all muzzoids will be slaughtered

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Russian barracks I think. Notice the Russian has a blue beret, and is in his standard uniform. Definitely, not EMR combat fatigues. Nor Ukrainian because they don't use blue berets anymore.

Then Russia sends those browns to kill Europeans, and Americans celebrate. Because apparently the more whites non-whites kill the more Jews lose.

It's both, just ask Greece

Don't worry, it's not about you. We just really hate Germany and don't want them to rise to power again. They were becoming really economically strong before the Ukraine war, so why not fuck over Germans and Ukrainians at the same time? Win-win

Remember, we were at our strongest when Europe suffered after WW2. Now shut up and buy our petrol.

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Since when sitting on a bottle is something bad? Really tired of this russophobic shit.

White men torturing white men or humiliating white men is the most disgusting behaviour. Faggots.

nu/pol/ in short

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Any Forums has always been anti-white. Whites need to die out, and we will make all whites hate themselves so they die out for us on our command

Russians army a righty government establishment gay faggot thug brigade. Everything about righty government establishment is homosexual violent porn whoredom sex and rape freemason satanist cult degeneracy of bitches. Bunch of criminal malicious faggots.

What a surprise, this righty government establishment shill board is a same gay faggot shit.

AI hidden image replication becomes a new dumb pol trend and what do these righty government establishment gay faggot shills use it to replicate? A bunch of pictures of degenerate homos spreading their ahole open to the camera, like every straight men rushes to recreate of course.

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Disgusting, imagine acting like a sailor

If we are progressive enough to fuck each other in the asss then why does NATO attack us? Checkmate, pessimists.

He could be Putin's son

I would also add
>How is it possible that European countries are closing borders to Russians
or my favourite
>Literal neo-nazi symbols are displayed in Europe with ZERO repercussions

Welcome to the new lefty/pol/

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> The Pentagon estimated that 26,000 service members experienced unwanted sexual contact in 2012, rising from 19,000 in 2010. Of those cases, the Pentagon says, most involved attacks on men, predominantly by other men.

Hi, I'm from the country that owns NATO so I can help. You see, we are not seeing enough ass fucking. You're going to need to triple the amount of ass fucking, and also get some of them to get sex changes.

After you do this, we'll talk.

It's impressive how the Pentagon knows all of this information. I wonder how they get it?

That's doesn't even look like a Ukrainian soldier. That's a Russian conscript being abused by righty government establishment gay fags. Why they don't get together and destroy they homosexual degenerate I don't know. One Russian conscript who rightfully refused to be sexually harassed by right wing gay faggots destroyed several of them himself. Why groups of them don't go the same I just don't get it. Gay right wing homosexual faggots have no right having "authority" over anyone, ever. They are criminal perverted violent porn-whoredom sexual deviants, rapists, sociopaths, and you are well within your rights to destroy all of them. They do not have any right to commit violent sex crimes against anyone.