Going out for a drink for the first time

I recently started doing my placement with other students. So we all decided to go out for a drink after. I have been a complete shut in for 4-5 years.

I am passive and shy as you would expect when it comes to social gatherings. What are some things to avoid? If I find some girl attractive should I avoid talking to her too much?
Should I focus on asking questions rather talking about my depressive life?

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Lmao enjoy the downfall of your life.

Just give no fucks and stop trying to micromanage, just sedate your autism with drinks and go stupid for a bit

I look exactly like OPs pic and what i can say whole life only milfs were interested in me.
Be yourself, don't talk too much, don't drink to much, speak only about normie stuff, ask girls about their intetests.

alright lad i’ll teach you a little secret called pre-drinks. not the way those poncy twats do it either, real pre-drinks. get yourself a bottle of hard stuff and a mixer and have yourself a couple before going out.

fuck off memeflag

Talk about how people should all go naked to save the environment. That ought to do it. Avoid any topic that has a media narrative attached to it. If someone asks your opinion on trannies or BLM just tell them you don't watch tv so you don't know anything about that.

DO not mix liquor with beer DO not do that

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fight the biggest nigger there. the group will respect you and then you have pick of the women. go get em champ

When was your last solid bowel movement?

You should avoid social advice from Any Forums

yesterday. your mum gave me a tenner so she could use my shit to pass a drug test.

>don't talk too much
Not worried about that. It's being too quiet I am worried about.

People love to talk about themselves. Being an active listener tends to make people like you. Also, listening first makes it easier to pick out similarities to talk about. Plus a drink will help you relax.

The way I dealt with women when I was younger was sort of like an angler. I started having an easy time once I improved my own self as much as I could, then I would just put myself in social situations and not even try to go after women. But it became easy to sense when one was interested in me, then I would go for it. This applied whether banging sluts or pursuing someone actually more interested in, but in both cases I would wait to pounce only on women I already knew were interested.

Also forgot what if topic of relationships or something comes up? I am an autistic virgin.

going to a gay bar or a pub lad?


Alcohol relieves anxiety for a short while, but at a very high price, very hazardous territory for a shut in.

you’ll be fine. if you’re shaken up about going then do pre drinks beforehand and you’ll be right as rain.

>What are some things to avoid?
social gatherings.