DeSantis has not only proven himself, he's objectively surpassed Trump at this point. Trump would've said he would do this, DeSantis actually did it.

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At this point the left truly has no idea who to be more afraid of.
Trump will have the inner fire and plan to eradicate every single enemy he has in DC.
Desantis has the knowhow to to far more damage to them longterm.

The funny thing is they will get them back to back.

I won’t apologize to the kosher candidate

The MV facebook groups are turning on each other.

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Trump didnt do shit when he was the president, Desantis is atually doing something as in deporting illegals from red states to blue states and he banned homo propaganda from schools.

You mean it's as simple as avoiding just one of them? Tell me how I should vote.

I feel like Trump is Nixon and DeSantis is Reagan. Reagan was terrible for republicanism and it took 30 years to get another Nixon.

I can't vote for ron

> he banned homo propaganda from schools
Until you hit the fourth grade

its a slow but steady start, better then the other candidates

True. He's better in any way shape or form than the Pfizer salesman. Trump is a weak ass faggot, all talk no actions.

Yeah trump didn't even do anything about the criminal invader surge.

fuck desantis he is an absolute piece of shit and nothing he can ever do will remove him from that category

>doing something as in deporting illegals from red states to blue states
scripted antics both sides were in on

also DeSantis is building his own army
this bro knows what he is doing

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>Muh Israshit
>Muh beautiful vaccine
>Muh Someone Do Something !

Now that we know both trump and desantis are running for president, this is the best argument yet for voting trump. I'm going to extra-early vote trump because now I know desantis is an absolute piece of shit.

thx user

DeSantis is 100x more competent than Trump.

However, Trump is way more popular.

The ideal is for Trump to drop out and endorse DeSantis. Trump is a much better kingmaker than he is a politician.

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Sorry, I don't speak french, but I'm sure whatever you just said was both intellectual and relevant. I have to assume it was also on topic and not just reflexive gibberish.

That's not true, immigration was massively reduced under Trump and he did build most of the wall. At least give Trump credit where he actually did make a difference.

He has successfully imitated Trump on all kosher talking points and surpassed him in some, like covid. But DeSantis is very much within the bounds of what the deep state allows when it comes to all important things.
Whoever is running his presidential campaign, and it has been going for a couple years already, is very good.

Holy shit where are you from? Any Forums is supposed to be a reddit board without any concept of sarcasm.

>DeSantis is very much within the bounds of what the deep state allows when it comes to all important things

That's called playing politics. It's also just plain smart. You can't just go into an established system and expect to tear everything down. You have to start from where they are, and dismantle it piece by piece slowly. The left understood this deeply with their "long march through the institutions". The right needs to learn this lesson.

He's still a cuck, no constitutional carry, and still sucks the Jewish dick

i cant believe people are actually buying into his bullshit.
OH WOW he sent illegals to new york, so COOL
desantis is a snake and a grifter and hes a kike shill

Who sucks more jewish dick, trump, desantis, or anybody who's not part of the evil hitler party?

Border Patrol already processed them. It's too late at that point. How about you go down to the border and start throwing people back in the river and watch how well that works? Ever think of that? It's a federal problem.

>my enemies should protect me from the polices I support. I am not supposed to suffer only my enemies

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Newfag spotted

I like Trump, but he really wasn't aware of how evil the US Govt has become until it was too late