Term limits

term limits

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>Booba Pelosi
Sperm inits

We already have term limits. They are called elections.

this argument is idealistic and doesn't work

fuck off kike
we want term limits

rule 2

term limits don't really help. You just get a revolving door of corporate backed candidates. Getting the big money out is much more effective

Most important positions in states and the presidency have term limits.

The house and senate ( which was not originally an elected position) need to have them as well. These clowns are entrenched and their overly long tenure is self defeating for their own party. Every position needs fresh blood now and again.

>rule 2
Sorta-newfag here... lurked long enough to learn rule #1 (Nothing Ever Happens). Please expound on rule 2.

SF elections have been as fake and crooked as Chicago or NYC ever since Rev Jim Jones came in 1977.

They call themselves "The Family" and their motto is "Stronger than ever" and they are.

"The Family" is the reason all the top Dems come from Frisco and not LA or anywhere else.

Kamala wasn't in Frisco during People's Temple but she is 110% pure 2nd gen "Family" via her pimp Willie Brown who was Rev Jones best friend. Gavin Newsom is odds on fave to be next Dem POTUS, and he is also "Family".
You can't be any sort of election worker without being "Family" in Frisco, and they got an army of big mean fat Black women to take care of any "poll watchers".

>dual citizenship limits

Term limits.

You need to lurk more.


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kill all edomites and their golems

We want term limits on Congressmen!!!! We believe in the Constitution!!!
> "OK goy! Congress will need to vote to create term limits per the Constitution"
> "Oh would you look at that! The vote failed with 100% voting "no". Don't you love Democracy!"

That works when only white land owning men that pay taxes can vote.

another kike

The French figured that one out centuries ago

damn - they don't care anymore

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welp, they ain't gonna vote themselves into term limits so the only approach is for the states to ratify an amendment

"Any Forums is always right"?

wrong again

We need to have at least one term with based people for as long before changing term limits to undo the damage and make up for the opportunity cost of having these assholes occupying office.

This argument is idealistic and does work

This user gets it