Finding Pupose

First of all, I am jap. and this is the big suffer.
Every morning, as soon as i wake up, i mummer" why am I not korean?" If only i am korean. I must have been having a gf like a model. What's more, I am a Neet. Can't work cuz even if i work so hard and earn money, girls look in the direction of beautiful korean boys. I am not a virgin but if i had been korean, i must have been married already. being single in 30s and forever.
how can i fix this shit life?

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Do what every dreg of society ought to do
Join a cult

Hyundai > Woke Toyota

by the looks of you im thinking your purpose may well lie in the direction of mass murder, yakuza torture specialist, psyche ward inmate, that kind of thing. Maybe check out these areas of employment.

自信が無いやつは永遠まで1人なんだ。韓国の男(男じゃないけどさ)がただ2,3年間人気になっていることになっただけだ。その前にもopが1人だったのか? ダサかったのか? What are you doing to work on yourself besides bitch like a faggot

those korean guys on kdramas are metrosexuals and homosexuals in real life and only attract teens to early 20s unacomplished girls and unmatured women. You should aim for a 25 year old japanese woman that even if she likes those dramas and some kpop songs, is not living her life through those things like an american obsessed with Marvel and Star Wars, you need to aim for better and be direct but not disrespectful.

>Finding Pupose
Phone up some of our Australian politicians and scream at them in an angry Japanese accent.

Just we wuz as one. Like anyone could tell

inmature I meant. Anyway, look for girls that work and have no pop parafernalia like handbags or dress with flashy colors because when those formal working women, when undress, look great too.

Koreans are scum. Be proud you are Japanese. If you date one of your cuties and she won't put out, get her drunk and rape her. Then shame her as a cheap whore.


you are right, i hope. yeah now i should look for older women. I am not Leo, i know.

that's interesting. but what would happen then. I am a Neet.

you suggest me to become dependent mama boy feeded by a woman. who pick a Neet for their bf?

>you are right, i hope. yeah now i should look for older women. I am not Leo, i know.

if you are 30 years old, a 25 year old should have no problems dating you. Dont go for the prettiest of course, look for someone that could objectively look like could be with you, someone that would look good at your side.

Korea is literally a cope nation. Inferior to Japan in every sense and always wishing people cared about it.

There's nothing special about Korea, grass isn't always greener on the other side. Appreciate what you have, Japan is pretty based all things considered.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

no one actually thinks OP is japanese right?
it's probably a zainichi korean living in some shithole like shinokubo.

>you suggest me to become dependent mama boy feeded by a woman. who pick a Neet for their bf?

no, there are 25 to 30 year old women that work in offices that have responsabilities beyond admiring BTS obsessively and beyond buying a Doreamon themed handbag, I mean those girls dress formaly and are not into Otaku culture that much beyond watching anime from time to time but not owning that stuff, these women like men and would like a relationship, at least thats how it is here but I assume japanese women are like that too, not all of them but many of them, since there is an old saying that all women are the same everywhere regardless of race and social media seems to have given that saying, credibility.

>t. English teacher


>how can i fix this shit life?

Go out as much as possible and tell as many young ladies aged 16-20 that they should move to denmark and should definitely accept a guy who wants more than one wife

I dont know how it will help you, but it would make my life more enjoyable and they say the act of giving is the biggest happiness one can find.

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read his message again, he has no other greener grass situation. A woman is eventually a fountain of concerns and preocupations but they can bring pleasure through sex, love and children and if she isnt a globohomo brainwashed nutjob, is worth the effort.

I always think that at first but the way he writes tells me he is a real japanese guy.

sorry bro