Why don't you discuss your politics there with your own people? Also, what are the Sweden Democrats actually like?

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>Why don't you discuss your politics there with your own people?
Some do, and Flashback has its advantages, but a national climate will always have national flaws, and Sweden's national flaws are feeling faggots who don't think. You can really tell from the way a person writes on Flashback exactly how s/he would sound in real life, and it's awful.

>Also, what are the Sweden Democrats actually like?
They explicitly want to become the new Social Democrats, which is why they are a part of the problem even if they land a deal with less niggers coming here. Sweden's number one flaw is the soft totalitarianism that our brand of socialism has been the fruit of, and thus SD are another branch on the same Jante Law tree. I hope they'll accomplish something good, but they will need to be pruned too in order for this country to get good. We have to permanently leave the small villages our minds still live in (even if living in actually villages is really good and should be encouraged).

Shitposting is more fun when (you)s come quicker and flashback is too moderated.
SD is based

Full of junkies, muhammeds, demoralizing NMR-fags and leftists.
Only a few subforums are tolerable imo.

I would've thought Swedes were very analytical and logical in their thinking comsidering they're very good engineers.

Realistically, nothing short of aggressive deportation is going to solve your immigration/ crime problems. By that I mean deporting all permanenrly residing foreigners, born in Sweden or not, from Muslim or African countries, which will never happen. Same story here.

There are some but not even close to the majority.
Some of the effortposts by hyper-racists on flashback would make for a good laugh on here too. They can get really creative in their ranting.

It is funny to look at, but some of these people are ludicrous. One made a thread saying "we must remove sd for democracy" not realising that the forceful removal of a political party isn't democratic. Utter retards seem to be a large constituent of your electorate.

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Why do africans never have pets anyways?

For every engineer there are five women who think that politics is a field where we harvest Astrid Lindgren-points all day. Engineering hasn't been applied to Swedish politics since 1989, and when it was, it was to take power from families and give it to Socialdemokraterna.

No idea.

Good luck discussing politics with the average swede on the internet if you're somewhat conservative. It's like trying to talk to antifa in action. There aren't really any good forums for it either

Mixture of empathy and long-term planning.

Swedish twitter sphere has actually become pritty based. Though figuring this is Any Forums i'm asuming that by "discussing politics" you're referring to saying nigger 30 times in one post and calling SD jew puppets

Just mention anything about jews and it gets removed instantly. Shit forum full of retards.

Better than fucking reddit

What is wrong with your people? I'm not being sarcastic; why are they so homogenously left wing and spineless. They have their women and daughters raped or killed by foreign invaders and still want more or to excuse this activity. They are content with frequent grenade attacks and no go zones, things that you dont see even here. However, you see this spinelessnes in England also but nowhere near as bad, there are many based people here and the number is growing.

The place went downhill drastically somewhere around 2014-2015 and the place has been invaded by MSB-shills since like 2018. Flashback is mostly garbage these days. The place also doesn't seem to be as active as it was in 2008 though I can't prove it.

"En Svensk Tiger" did a lot of damage that span generations.

We elected SD 3 days ago m8. Calm down. We're officially less cucked than a majority of western europe

Because barring threads like the guy who built his own nuclear reactor, it's all shit (just like here).

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Redpill me on building a nuclear reactor

Nothing has changed, you cannot claim anything until there is change.

smoke detectors

And retardation (the smart kind) + self medication el grande. That guy is pretty infamous for more things than his homemade nuclear reactor.

I got a warning for answering a off-topic question on a thread there. Jannies on Flashback are a lot more sensitive than here..

Ah, I see. (No MI6 / GCHQ, I will not collect smoke detectors and build a nuclear reactor)

Honestly I think it's because a large chunk of men here are unironically more stoic and withdrawn on these things, sometimes to the point of cowardice or apathy.
For all the talk of feminism about how men's emotions should be open I have never met a pureblooded Swede without foreign ancestry who opened up on these topics willingly without heavy alcohol, persuading or 20+ years of friendship being involved.
But then i'm a northerner and we get it beat into us at an early age that men do not tear up after the age of fifteen and that others may not work for a living but you are going to or there's going to be consequences.