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>Germany will deliver 50 Dingo MRAPs, 2 MARS-2 MLRS to Ukraine
>RU missile strike destroyed the Ingulets dam near Kryvyi Rih
>Russian reporting on the AFU breaking through the Russian positions at Davydiv Brid in Kherson Oblast
>Reports of UAF entering Sviatohirsk
>Explosions heard in Rostov Oblast
>Power grid in Kharkiv attacked once again
>Power restored to affected areas in Ukraine
>RU Missile strikes on power grid cause complete blackouts in Kharkiv & Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Belgorod (Russia) also affected
>Reports of Russian forces leaving northern Kharkiv Oblast
>ISW: UAF capture over 3,000km2 since September 6th, more territory than Russian forces have captured since April
>Vasylenkove and Artemivka liberated by UAF
>Explosions in Kherson
>Izium and its leftover RU supplies liberated by UAF
>Fighting in Lyman

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odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)

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kill all vatniggers

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Tokmak in 4 days
kek wills it

Digits and Russia collapses

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>Prisoners in IK-6 were forbidden to look at Navalny. Relatives of prisoners say that on a signal, when Navalny is shown past other prisoners, they should turn away or move away from the windows. Earlier it became known that two convicts from this colony went to fight in Ukraine
>Navalny and his lawyers were forbidden to look at each other. The glass between them was sealed with an opaque film. Earlier, Navalny's lawyers were banned from handing over documents to him for review. In addition, it became known that other prisoners of IK-6 are forbidden to look at Navalny during walks. When the politician is led through the territory, three calls are heard, at which other prisoners should turn away or move away from the windows
>if you can't see it, it doesn't exist


>Ukie Marichka Artists
follow them for more Marichka\good art
>Original creator
>Korzunka Persukiv

>TG channel for Marichka Art dump
>t.me/ FGJTSFazhxg1NzIy

Also now with 2 Sticker packs:

>Marichka Mega

>Cosplayer MEGA/torrent (will be updated into MEGA or bigger torrent by me later)

>Tomboy/Muscle girl Mega

>2D and 3D musclegirls and tomboys, around 1850 files, will add more later

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The most hungry army in the world.

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I feel like cats would kill everything in the world if they could.

Nice (it still counts)

does 69 mean they're going to get fucked?

In for Mari!

Is artist is from Futaba?

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Nuke Russia.

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>The Tajikistan Army has reportedly captured a village in Kyrgyzstan on the border.
>Major movement of Azerbaijani troops have been spotted on the Armenia border, especially near the Syunik corridor.
they have no intention of ceasefire

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haha omg they're afraid someone is coming after them

Any Forums
Any Forumsrig

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>relaying Mexican user's drawing request.
requesting someone to draw marichka pegging alpha with slavic runes saying how she is her war trophy, how ukraine is the conqueror, with ukrainian troops advancing on the background, similar to pic related

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Yes pic was made by Futaba artist

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no, let it collapse and have decades of hunger and suffering

Inshallah brother

If only he wasnt a cryptoimperialist with his "crimea sandwhich" bullshit

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average ukr. supporter

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>not naming it "Commonwealth Brigade (CoB)"

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Battle kit cannot be stopped once set in motion

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>gets offered a sandwich

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When Armenians, Azeris, Uzbeks and Kirgiz present in russia start infighting?

what the fuck, why?


Pls reply to this post and describe the archetypal /chug/ poster and the archetypical /uhg/ poster.

Bro, it's tajiks

Also interesting, pic re is the parliament member of the “far-right” party Konfederacja - Ruch Narodowy.

P.S. He would like to see Lwów and Halicz returned to Poland btw, soo… And he says that his family is from these regions, but in part killed by bandeites and in part they were expelled by Stalin after 1945. What’s interesting is that Winnik and Winnicki are most probably related to each other some how. Like most Poles and west-central Ukrainians.

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You stole my post you thieving bastard

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If UA MoD is to be believed, Russians west of Chornobaivka are cut off and the western flank of the cursed airport is wide open.

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Even if he is, through navalny could've come someone who isn't imperialistic. Unless he is actually Luka-wannabe, who came to power with the promises of democracy and anti-corruption, but became a dictator the moment he came to power.

I just don't read posts from memeflags

>/chug/ poster
>/uhg/ poster

Source: Minister Of Voices In My Head

Commonwealth Confederation would be magnificent.

In regards to China, remember that most of their heavy military equipment is still either actual Soviet transfers (like the Liaoning) or direct clones, because China can't build proper US equivalents even with stolen data. Even China's "light trainer/fighter" they're selling to compete with the FA-50 is a J-7 (MiG-21) bodykit.

Xi Jinpooh is probably throwing a hundred acre tantrum every time he speaks to Putin about how his predecessors were sold substandard garbage with no hope of taking Taiwan, let alone defeating the US Pacific Fleet. China has been viewing Ukraine as a beta test of combloc gear vs. NATO gear and they do not like what they're seeing.

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Hand over Outer Manchuria, Gweilo.

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>who would win?
>a mighty Russian t-72 tank with 125mm smooth bore gun and reactive armour
>or one of these bad boys

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>cum chuggers
tomboy enjoyers

No, I stole TWO posts

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I wouldnt trust him, i see him as a grifter
russia needs someone like Nemtsov

lol what's happening here?
why is russian police beating the shit off a wagner??


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No mercy for Quislings.

Retards are brigading patriots.win trying to market to Trump supporters. Thought I'd show you, and the thread in case anyone feels like br

Taunting them, It's a lost cause since the mods are on their side, but a good example of the narrative they try to push on the right when this is America/NATO/the Jews doing a coup doesn't work.

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coper and hoper

Only Belarusians (fighting in Ukraine under Pogoń) would like that. Ukrainians got bit too brainwashed/Russified by 200 years of Moskal/Soviet propaganda. But this war has removed much of its spell, but still much to go.

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Why is Ohio Palestinian

Wagner merc acting like a stereotypical gopnik

i wonder if russia will stop bombing schools and dams long enough to denounce this senseless terrorism against poor innocent citizens....

Konfederacja is a dead party, they'll never enter the Sejm again. Korwin is sucking Russian dick and all the other major members left once they realized it.

Personally, i prefer en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Kara-Murza this guy. He is also arrested and waiting for the trial.

Imagine living in PERVOMÄISKE :DDD

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>/chug/ = shitskin or shizo, pedo 80% of times.
>/uhg/ = european or above 100 IQ, mostly Tomboy enjoyer.

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Natives fucked and put to a reservation as always.

>Make a PMC consisting of convicted criminals
>Be surprised when they act the part
Just another day in Russia.

Whats wrong with it, Gollum?

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remember when retards unironically thought russia could fight against USA and Nato and reach Paris in two weeks?
good times

>/uhg/ = european or above 100 IQ, mostly Tomboy enjoyer.
bruh I are the nigger

We posting Wumao cringe now?

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33% black
33% yellow
33% brown
1% white
33% racist
33% rapist
33% nazist
1% cringe


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They're for de-mining

Better than living in JUMALAUTÄ :DDD

Is he aware chinks are taking a piece of russia as well?

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In english now, monke

Me in 2014. The Crimean takeover looked impressive.

Russia is the most pathetic country in the world today. In retrospect, I don't hink Russia could have ever been called a great country or power. This isn't even their first or second empire collapsing military humiliation. If you look at all the achievements Russia always claims such as in science, alot of that can simply be disregarded as half of the USSR population was not Russia. For Russia, their total output is equivalent to a small to mid sized European country such as Sweden or Switzerland.

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Also neo trail of tears due to having to move all of the native again

We just need to stop being shizo about who ruling who, it got retarded when Noblemans fucked up with their shizo WE WUZ.

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/chug/: 100% brown
/uhg/: 50% lib 50% nazi

Yeah, shitty commie name. Queued to be renamed to something decent as part of decommunization process.

Than you are above 100 IQ, pretty simple.

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the crew

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>The ambassador of Russia, Armenia's "ally", did not participate in the MFA-organized diplomatic corps trip to the Jermuk conflict zone

Russia throwing Armenia under the bus wow

>the archetypal /chug/ poster

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It reminds me of that old photo with fat nigress and a wheelchair bound niglet, holding a sign
>billions for space race, pennies for the hungry

Cumchuggers regressed all the way to the nigger-tier rhetoric, it seems.

converted to webm

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A picasso for you kind ukie fren

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/chug/ is horny pedophiles posting loli
/uhg/ is tomboy enjoyers and people complaining about tomboy enjoyers

not exactly much they can do when their army is being mulched in Ukraine
in the next few years China will probably mog Russia out of all of CSTO

Where I can I see the new video of the Armenian women solider getting tortured?

And of course, Ukraine being the neo Nazis they are, put mayo on the sandwiches.

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chug- normal healthy human
uhg- literal npc

>Pervo = pervert
>Mäiske = thumbing sounds
Example sentence: Vladimirin huoneesta kuului pervo mäiske.

Interesting, what does it actually mean? Also what type of new names are you giving now, something to with Ukrainian nationalism and history or what


I am the cringe

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Every proper sedwich is full of mayonnaise. Hajl Hitla

>bruh I are the nigger

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