Did you ever notice

that only white people get called colonizers while everyone else is an immigrant?

why is that exactly?

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Because whites are a threat to jews



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this is our country, have no guilt. Say you're proud of your ancestors whipping out the savages....a savage is a savage.

we're amalek
nothing we do is good.

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True. Hasan Piker is Turkish. And yet he literally talks about how he likes white genocide. It was never about colonialism and imperialism, only anti-whiteness

to be fair there is one country of "whites" that dont

>Someone say nigger?

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A colonist is a hard motherfucker who ventures into the wilderness (scattered stone age tribes don't count as settled, ever build a city near barbarians in CIV 3?) and builds a civilization. An immigrant is someone who migrates to an existing civilization usually for economic reasons.

They are not the same.

People will use anything that benefits them

Because we did something nuggets and chinks will never do, we ruled the world !


If you asked why; because of marxism, which is caused by toxoplasma.

>a turk likes genocide
you don't say

jews squatting in israel also call you a colonizer and you're the reason indians are fat

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Exactly the colonists didn’t move in with natives and Abos and slowly take over- they build the countries themselves where previously there was nothing.

colon infactuation. i thikn theyre gay

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It's all bullshit leftoid rethoric that boils down to anti-whiteness. Notice how whites are never recognised as natives of their own homelands. They now even talk about decolonizing England, as if the English don't belong there. It would make some degree of sense if they were talking about removing Norman and Anglo-Saxon influences and restoring original Pictish and Britton culture or removing the ethnically german royal family, but we all know thats not what that means.