ITT we pray to Simon of Trent

This lil fella was tortured and exsanguinated (had his blood drained) by a group of disgusting Jews in 1475. Send prayers up to him.

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Pray to Gandy instead if you want 1mm of jaw growth.

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Half right. The jews procured Children for the Catholic Church to perform mithraic blood sacrifice rituals.

many such cases.
even kikepedia has a list of "child martyrs to blood libel accusations"
where there is smoke there is fire, and if I have my way there will be much ash too.

pic related is inside a mithraeum

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>mithraic blood sacrifice
Literal BULL sacrifices.
That’s a liiiiittle but different than kidnapping, torturing, and draining the blood from a Christian child, but uh, thanks for your input LOL.

Jews didn't exist until after Roman's arrived and the oldest legit record of anything Jewish is a Romanized Jew denying that Jews murdered babies of other tribes for their blood.

Then why did they beatify St Timothy, William of Norwich, and Domingutio de Val if they were trying to cover it up you lying kike?

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user, do you truly believe that they were taking a live bull into small underground caves?

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Unironically checked and pee pee poo poo

Why wouldn't they? In those instances, the jews who stole the child were caught.

Or maybe a child molester raped and killed the child and the Jews were made to take the fall.
Stupid idiots here who think Jews are to blame for everything going wrong are no better than the morons who thought eating the stone bricks from the church would cure the plague. Fucking morons

jews shouldnt be tolerated

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>To someone other than God

gee why all those child molesters always attack around jewish holidays

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Haven't you figured out the jewish and Italian connection yet?

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the sacrifice is FOR the bull - moloch and sacrificed is always a child, eventually whole societies if they get a chance

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St Simon of Trent
Pray for us

jews control catholic church since napoleon destroyed papal states
prior to that there was no connection and greedy monarchs were main reason jews were tolerated

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You kikes are so tiresome


Bullshit, as mithraist myself, we do not sacrifice anything. All we do is hang out together to eat and talk.

Absolute retard.