Entire skyscraper catches fire in China...

Entire skyscraper catches fire in China. Yet it doesn’t fall down or collapse like you would expect based on previous (((events))). Really makes you think.

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before and after WTC there has never been a skyscraper collapse due to fire
if thats news to you, you must be the ultimate zoomer

where's the 1000 degree burning jet fuel though?

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, user.

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It's hidden in the same place as it was in WTC7

DEBONKED. It only needs to get brittle enough, not entirely melt for the structural integrity to collapse

Now thats a better answer

needs some e team

it doesn't have jet fuel to melt steel beams

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you're saying they didn't conspire?

Do you mean thermite?

How can it not collapse??? What the frick!?!?!?!

SCIENCE IS GOD, GO TO COLLEGE (government will pay for it maybe)

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And it will fall down nice and uniformly like building 7, the only building in history to ever experience this? Kys

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>DEBONKED. It only needs to get brittle enough, not entirely melt for the structural integrity to collapse
Explain building 7 so
Wasn't hit by any plane but still collapsed
>2 aero planes takedown 3 skyscrapers

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> DEBONKED. It only needs to get brittle enough, not entirely melt for the structural integrity to collapse

Okay now deboonk WTC7

You know, the 47 story WTC building that was not hit by a plane and fell down completely on its own footprint like a controlled demolition?

>not entirely melt for the structural integrity to collapse
Thank you for agreeing that it is impossible for a building that tall to collapse into its own footprint after being hit by a plane.

I guess one of the buildings just didn't "pull it"s weight.

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So no huh?

>Larry Silverstein
Dawson is the man on 9/11

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No yet fuel

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>take Jenga tower
>Hit it with large fast moving object
>It topples

>Light it on fire
>Put out fire before it burns enough to weaken structure
>It doesn't topple

Wow it's almost like a fucking commercial airliner impact doesn't do the same damage as a simple fire.

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"No conclusive evidence was found to indicate that pre-collapse fires were severe enough to have a significant effect on the microstructure that would have resulted in weakening of the steel structure."
- NCSTAR 1-3C, p. 235

Also NIST:
"Our study has identified thermal expansion as a new phenomenon that can cause the collapse of a structure. For the first time, we have shown that fire can induce a progressive collapse."
- Shyam Sunder

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the difference being the building didn't suffer a massive 200k pound hit to the core structure.

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How the fuck is the entire building on fire? Don't they design them so the fire is usually contained in a single floor?


Struck a nerve, did I?

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WTC7 was a building way smaller but with more footprint area. Yet it collapsed in free fall at all points at the same time, from a fire so small you couldn’t see it from outside.

bro it's chinese it's probably made out of dust and dog bones
yet it stayed up

One day people will build perfect recreations of the WTC down to the soil makeup, and stage simulated attacks.
Not a single one will collapse into its own footprint.
Unfortunately the current amerishits won't be there to feel shame.

Well concrete doesn’t burn idiot.

Put if you hit it with a big tube at high speeds it’s structural integrity will be damaged which can cause the building to collapse since skyscrapers don’t exactly have the highest tolerance.

>take jenga tower
>hit it with fast moving object
>it topples
>neighboring jenga tower is missed
>no negative impact from object
>no negative impact from other fallen tower
>still topples without explanation

Don't ever, ever go into the top of a tall building because you might roast alive and be forced from toxic smoke inhalation to plummet to your splattering death. Actually, just avoid cities altogether. They are vermin infested cancers on the earth.

>concrete doesn't burn
nope, in the WTC it just melted

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Did a plane fly into it?