Name a good reason you aren't protecting others

Name a good reason you aren't protecting others.

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Imagine being afraid of the air

because I hate you and want you to die

>sticks probe in mouth

>he says this when he house is filled with air monitors that screech when carbon monoxide reaches 0.1%

Let the ones who need protection protect themselves. BTW, she's full of shit.

Because fuck you that's why

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give me your next paycheck op
i need it to be protected

Except carbon monoxide will kill you and your whole family pets included, unlike the meme fly.
You know what? Forget what I just wrote. Carbon monoxide detectors are for weaklings.

>Name a good reason you aren't protecting others.
Because your meme flu can't kill anyone but oldbags and fatasses with comorbidities.

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Not my problem.

It blows my mind that the scamdemic went exactly as Any Forums predicted and only now that politicians have finally put a stop to things are people realizing all the massively retarded shit they did. Pretty funny even california dropped the covid vax mandate for healthcare workers this week. Feels extra good never getting covid or the fucking shot. I feel like if I can put up with 2 years of massive gaslighting and evil liberal faggots telling me I'm killing people every day I can deal with anything

Because I am evil and you are good. Time to be like Iron Man and snap your fingers to kill Thanos

if masks work then you wear yours and protect yourself

I'm not only wearing a mask, I'm protecting the entire galaxy

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Universal suffrage must come to an end.

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I don't care enough

I don't particularly like others.

Because memeflu is not dangerous

I don't give a flying fuck about others anymore. I wish I had some loftier reason but in the end, that's it.

hope they suffocate and die frankly

do people still wear masks?

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I like the transition effect from microscope to dance club tbqdesu

The society you want me to sacrifice rights to protect did nothing to help me when I was homeless, has actively scapegoated me on multiple occasions, so no your society of false altruism is not worth saving. You need me to actively participate in order for it to be maintained, so no.

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