Canada is Collapsing

How much would you pay for a chicken? $5, maybe? It is the cheapest and most plentiful meat but ot so in Canada. In Canada they are paying vast sums of leafbucks for every kilo of chicken. The average Canadian is starving.

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>28 January 2022

dont eat it faggots

the price has since went up


best of luck up there

The loonie to calorie ratio keeps collapsing

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If you go to the cheapest store in Sweden for 1 KG freezed approximetly 115 SEK or 11,5 eur.

The c90nitive workload for Canadians trying to find enough food to survive is starting to approach that of stone age hunter-gatherers. Humans evolved to be cursorial hunters, walking or running down game animals over the course of days.

The modern Canadian now uses those ancestral skills in his pursuit of markdown meat and three day old bread at the value store. Just as our caveman ancestors discovered a taste for the remnants of predator kills, the Canadian is rediscovering his tolerance for slightly expired bone in chicken breast (on sale for $23.99/kg today only)

It was $22+ tax for 4 chicken breasts last week, I could have gotten the $22 for 6 deal but they weren't the free range stuff

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Canadians are getting fucked left and right.
It’s sad that the mafia owns them.

they go by numbers of breasts not weight now...

a kilo is $24

Bitch you get 4 breasts, I only get one and I have to pay a $3.89 delivery fee PLUS TIP. Fuck this fucking world nigger.

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>he's back

Yeah me and Q are back

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Thats a good price. Exceldor is a free range 100% organic chicken that is sanctified by a jewish rabbi. You could grab a noname package for a third of the price right next to it too

Striploins were 36 a kg this week lol. You now have 2 options. Buy a half cow from farmer and butcher yourself for 5 bucks a lb or start hunting.

If you can buy direct from a farmer and butcher you will save tons. Also scout the stores for sales like uncut whole pork striploins, I got one for 10 bucks a kg and make two roasts and 3 packs of pork loin chops for a total of 27 dollars. Freeze it.

that's a price you need a time machine for, it has since went up. that is a prewar price

>Thats a good price. Exceldor
At that price those chickens had better be getting strippers and lap dances before they're butchered.

just to give you an idea if how insane this price is, you're paying R$121.44, for per kg chicken breast, here I buy 1kg of breast filet (already cut, treated, individually frozen in a zipbag) for an average of "$3.79/ R$20", that's insane, like a Brazilian saying "for that price I'll pay someone to beat you up"

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I hate chicken. It's disgusting.

it's a luxury delicacy in canada now

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oh lordy

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