What did he mean by this?

Seriously bros.. Does Putin want peace? What did he mean?


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Just diplomatic talks, he's not gonna say we want to raze ukraine to the ground lol.

>Does Putin want peace?

>What did he mean?
He wants peace but on his terms.

Putin telling pro forma White Lie.

BRICS and all the world except Wash DC and Brussels and London understands longer the war goes on the weaker Anal Empire of NATO/EU gets and thats a good thing.

He offered terms of peace multiple times. Jewlensky and globohomo want this conflict to go on as long as possible.

Vatnigger delusion. Chinese economic warfare is what is destroying NATO power, not Russia lmfao. Russia is insignificant. They have wasted their last breath on this SMO and soon Siberia will be Chinese. Ni Hao!

China btw is going through the biggest real estate crisis in its history, something like 2008 but x10
Nobody's doing well on the planet because of 2 years of retarded lockdowns which razed any supply process to the ground.

Ukraine offered terms of peace multiple times as well.

kek aren't india and china taking advantage of the situatino by buying energy at massively discount prices. lmfao

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've been hearing about the Chinese real estate bubble, chinese social crisis etc al for over 10 years now. It's panic mongering


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Maybe a part of it, they are still doing lockdowns tho.

>india and china
They didn't even recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk republics. The only one to do it was North Korea.

NATO has done nothing but get stronger, increase military budgets, and add additional allies as a result of the Russo-Ukrainian war. How in any way has NATO been getting magically weaker despite zero casualties.

>US alone military budget 800 billions
>Russia military budget 68 billions
Russia will kick US ass!!!!1132

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>What did he mean?
Land bridge to Crimea, de-nazification.
Same as Day 1.
The west has wanted other things, of course. NATO especially, fucking around in a non-NATO member country BEFORE "Day 1".

>Russia's real allies: Serbia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and some african countries.

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>gulaghomo want this conflict to go on as long as possible.
>globohomo want this conflict to go on as long as possible.
so which one is it really?

Maybe he was talking about Indian tv? I too want Indian Tv to end as soon as possible

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maybe it's both?

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I see a LOT of natural resources and preferential treatement from those countries listed.
Russia has been in South America for a very long time now. Even arming up down there.
I wouldn't discount any of these regions/countries as being impotent. Their governments might be on the global stage, the smokey backroom where they hang out they are players.

For team East it's a chance to create NWO
For team West it's a chance to get rid of potential rivals

But really, it doesn't mean anything, it's just diplomacy. Stop reading into every random tweet.

Yeah one of them was to pull back from around Kiev and when Russia met that demand the Ukrainians just said jk no negotiations.

Look obviously this is a proxy war and Ukraine is just run by burgers or kikes so obviously negotiations were never on the table. This is just a Jew war to try and weaken Russia while getting a bunch of Europeans killed as a bonus.

He’s been saying that since the start


He meant that the war is not his fault, mmmm. See, Putin's the one that had the war pushed on him by Zelensky and Biden and the rest of them, oh yeah. Putin has been trying to reach Zelensky to make a peace deal to end the war so that young men will not die for some stupid cause, mmmm. The war is coming to an end. Soon.

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