Sexual dimorphism in humans decreasing

Modern human males and females are more alike than in the past. Men and women today have similar shoulder and hip width. Just look at a liberal crowd, you can't tell apart the males from the females.

Humans in the future will be androgynous aliens because technology has removed the selection pressure for dimorphism.

What will be the implications of this? There will be more trannies and faggots that's for sure.

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>source: dude trust me bro

i wouldn't humanize a feminine male. tomboy women are based as fuck though


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Sorry zoomers, you all go poisoned by estrogen mimickers.


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i like my women as manly as possible


In nature it is usually the case that least sexually dimorphic the species, the more monogamous the species is. What went wrong with humans?

Back in the day everyone knew that smoking weed gave you bitch hips.


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nah... just a lot of lazy zoomers that exist only because of welfare. the rest is fine. most zoomers will be culled along with kikes and niggers during the collapse. women will be back to cooking and sucking cock.

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Fuck why can't there be xenotestosterones.

>The relatively small sex difference in stature (∼7%) and its decrease during human evolution have been widely presumed to indicate decreased male contest competition for mates.

PATRIARCHY HAS BEEN DECRESING HUMAN SEXUAL DISMORPHISM YOU MEAN? Men in society since patriarchy have formed a huge coalition to ruduce competition among them (They don't understand nature intended for them to kill each other for women) and this has reduced sexual dismorphism cause men aren't doing their job anymore

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Not true, BUT sexual dimorphism will in all like hood start to lessen as time goes by since it was mostly driven by competition between males, which is no longer a thing. Women choose men for many other reasons nowadays, so you will see a domestication of males. I am not joking, this is what anthropologies predict. Masculinization is no longer important in reproduction and is an atavistic characteristic that will probably slowly go away.

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>wide hips for pushing the kids out
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Humans went through a stage of polygyny where massive competition between men drove masculinization. Humans were less dimorphic before that stage (as much as you can call them humans ofc).

Is this now a mog thread?

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I've also noticed that people are more infantilized now. Might explain the rise of commies. Is it because you don't need a fully developed brain to survive anymore?

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nope, i'm not so insecure in my sexuality as to not be attracted to short-haired women