Why is Russia losing ground?

It's simple, Russia only has it's full-time professional soldiers on the ground (~200K) while Ukraine mobilised their entire country (1M+). The Russians lost their momentum and are outnumbered five to one.

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The Ukrainian Jews can screech as loud as they want.
It is pretty obvious, that a political mind like Putin who is included in politics his entire life and is working as high ranked politican himself for 30 years in and for Russia, does not do something like this conflict without Plan B.

Most likely yes, the first plan was to take Kjew as fast as possible, but as soon as this didn't work, because the Jew Zelensky didn't evacuate the civilians and used Ukrainians, Babys, children, women, as human shields (he openly declared that in an interview - Kjew "would have fallen in 3 days"), they immediately switched plans and their strategy.
Now the Ukrainians are completely mobilized, Now they get tons and tons and tons of money and weapons from the entire west and direct support from the US Army, the by far biggest army in the world, but this won't last forever.
Putin doesn't waste his resources and leads a smart way in this conflict.

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It WAS ~200k… now more like ~150k and replacements are poorly trained and coming into the army from other branches with barely any ground training. The hohols captured a dude in Kharkiv who had been seaman mere weeks before.

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They literally take people in DPR/LPR from the streets, schools, workplace and load them in a bus


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> Why is Russia losing ground?
poor moral among russian troops who don't understand why they're fighting in ukraine
corruption. generals putting fake soldiers on the payroll so they could collect their salaries
lack of education. many russian soldiers are illiterate. much of the equipment is complex


>It's simple
No, sweaty, YOU are simple. And incorrect.

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> Our professional soldiers can't get a 5:1 KDA vs the untrained masses
Really, that is your excuse?


I will copy my post from /chug/. Than answer is theft.

Kherson should hold much longer. More defensible, with natural boundaries. Kharkiv should have been abandoned earlier in good order. It is clear that very many were taken prisoner and a lot of vehicles and munitions taken by Ukraine.

But the Oskil would have protected that. Pic related, the other Nazis did the same exact advance when they tried to destroy Russia too. Yes, they lost, but at great cost.

What is the command doing? There seems to be no accountability or tactics. How is it Russia spent 2-3 times what the Jews do (yes, including all US said!) and yet somehow the Jews can mobilize more people, all with optics and armor, with constant air strikes. They have the population of a single city. Where were the roubles spent!?

That's what needs to be solved for victory. Where did all the money go? It clearly did not go to upgrade tanks. Where is the Su-57? Where is the T-14? Were these fake? Was the money stolen? Why are they using anti -ship missiles from the 1960s for land targets (which is why the power was so easily restored). Weren't they building tons of these? Where is the S-400 to keep HIMARS from the bridges? This is 30 year old rockets, they should be intercepted.

Because the entirety of NATO quietly started ww3 by committing troops to Ukraine, which is at this point a middleman that takes US money and pays US contractors with it while pocketing the rest

Thanks Russian shill. I was getting worried Putin made a horrible mistake and will just lose the war

The Russians may want to start trying soon because this isn’t the rehearsal. They can arrest people who call it a war all they want- they’re at war outnumbered 5 to one with a country backed by an alliance that makes up more than 50 % of world military spending. So they may want to take this war seriously if they haven’t been already since their performance so far has been unimpressive. And now every cheeky bastard in the world thing Russia is a joke, which can only lead to more conflict

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And yet they are winning. Really makes you think, doesn’t it

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>Don't even control Donbabwe
>Don't even control Donetsk oblast really
>Try to take Kiev, fail spectacularly and retreat
>GTFO from Kharkiv, it's a successful relocating operation
>Has lost more land than what they gained in 6 months
They are winning

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