This low IQ nigress pisses me off when she speaks

this low IQ nigress pisses me off when she speaks

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thats the point

This low IQ nigress speaks to you right here right now in your room?
Just turn off your CNN, goyim.
Problem solved.

I call her hair "diversified freedom fries"

>Goes up there gets softball questions >says nothing

if blacks vanished from the planet, what sector of society would suffer?

what's an anagram for ginger

then look at the little mermaid thing that's how you know this is intentional

>10, 000 billion

Biden literally hired her so people asking tough questions would look like they are racist. Biden is a pretty smart racist himself.

This, some of the stuff they do is in order to provoke those who see through the shit. Don't get angry

well she's not dumber than ginger funbags who came before
they're both stupid because they're liberal, not for any other reason


also vote democrats, what can go wrong. hahahahahaahahaahha!

Of the economy, the bling sector would take a massive hit. Fubu and Dub Wheels would go bankrupt.

Lawyers and other grifters. In other words, it would be a net gain for humanity, across the board.

Hot chip and mini cigar sector would crash. Everything else would get better.

vote for one vote for 2 get the same pack of AIPAC jews

It certainly feels that way at times, doesn't it.

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fpbp, a leaf finally "gets it".

IMO Biden hires the worst possible people to defect heat away from Hunter.

I do "Security". I'll sit on my ass shitposting and getting paid almost entirely due to Negro Problem.

If Nigs show up all I'll do is call cops who probably wont show but everyone is at their wits end with Blacks so they pay me regardless.

literally just dont watch tv

god I bet she is a freak in the bed room. I would love to see jenn psaki naked. Bet she likes leather bras n shits.


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Joe Biden trolls the Any Forums niggers.

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>if blacks vanished from the planet, what sector of society would suffer?

Prison industry.
Prison population in USA now is bigger than whole Gulag in USSR in 1937.
Each prisoner is a cash flow of taxpayers money for someone.
Everything in USA is either show or buisness.

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Mushroom Head

Dont forget the cognac sector.