You get to make 5 laws what are they

Other than the obvious various genocides etc

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>Jews have to wear badges identifying them as Jewish
>Ban US/Israel dual citizenship
>Mandatory implanted tracking devices for blacks
>”One child” policy for Hispanics
>White heterosexual married couples get mandatory 2-year paternity/maternity leave

>Other than the obvious various genocides etc
Genocide all jews

Ban porn, birth control and other degeneracy inducive devices.
Ban usury.
Ban fag marriage.
Expel non whites (except for aborigines).
Ban the sale of personal electronics like phones and Laptops.

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obviously, but other than that

not bad user

based minus the abo part and the electronic ban, nigger


t. hunter biden

>Only German blooded people can be citizen
>Non citizens (guests) can only stay in Germany with limited rights: they can not vote, marry someone of German ancestry unless they themselves are of German ancestry, they can not work and receive welfare unless approved by a government official.
>People of mixed race (blood not compatible with German blood) can not be citizens.
>Foreign businesses are tied to special rules in favor of the German economy.
>All German workers must be treated equally.

1. Corporations are not persons => shareholders, managers and employees personally liable for their actions and omissions.

2. Democracy abolished => freedom as personal responsibility, breaching others’ natural rights is a crime, learn to live the “do no harm” awareness way! Anyone breaching others’ natural rights and freedoms to be deported to africa or chicago with a tablespoon for all possession. Fuck it.

3. Any and all ever employed by “government”, media, multinational corporations to be executed on-the-spot. If Georgia Guidestones outcome, so be it. Fuck it.

4. Free knowledge. Abolishment of copyrights, secrecy and so on.

5. Labour over capital. Ownership should be worthless compared to production, trade and so on.

>Only US citizens are allowed to own land
>It is illegal to speculate on residential property, any property held by a bank without a mortgage is subject to a yearly fee 1000 percent the value of the property
>Lower taxes or reduce mortgage for every child you have
>Completely ban single use plastics from consumer market
>Lower taxes based on how fit you and your household is
That's all I have for now, could probably be simplified



> 4. Free knowledge. Abolishment of copyrights, secrecy and so on.

this alone would absolutely obliterate bigtech and hollywood

Free cannabis, Free mushrooms, Widespread bitcoin adoption, Actual physical violence is the only crime, Blockchain voting system

Ban extramarital sex (or nudity outside bedroom, ever)
Ban alcohol (and cars)
Ban nudity
Obligatory 18 kids (and no abortion or divorce ever, under any circumstances)

Women work at home, men provide for them, and worl 6h a day and spend lots of times with family

And we're okay

Kill yourself, nigger


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1) service guarantees citizen ship

hyper based

you've convinced me user, an exception to the various genocides will be made for latina qt's

I'd add to those (except #2)
>all crimes must have a flesh-and-blood victim
>abolish income tax and replace with a self-assessed tax on non-residential (above a certain value/acreage) where the property is placed in escrow at the assessed value and anyone can close escrow and become the new owners

As to democracy, it hasn't been tried since ancient Greece. The system where you vote on a limited number of happy meals is not real democracy. We have the technology to make a smörgåsbord democracy practicable
>full referendum rights
>mp's advisory only -- may only propose laws
>all initiatives and proposed laws voted on by citizens -- 2/3s majority to enact, simple majority to repeal
>all laws deal with one subject only


How about banning unequal usury? If a bank charges 6.09% interest, they must also give 6.09% interest to those who have a vested balance with them.

1. Mandatory term limits for all elected offices/judges/supreme court.
2. All legislators are subject to the laws that they pass.
3. All those with authority (lawmakers, police) are subject to harsher penalties when they violate laws. The higher the rank, the greater the punishment.
4. Only taxpayers/property owners may vote.
5. Dual citizenship is illegal.

Secret organisation membership should disqualify anyone from holding any office.

1. All forms of insurance are henceforth illegal
2. All adults are required to carry a functioning, loaded firearm at all times when in public
3. Education to be universally available, but not mandatory.
4. It is illegal to deprive anyone of housing, employment or other necessities of life based on their political views.
5. Marriage no longer carries the force of law; it is to remain a social/religious custom only.