Just found out stalin was born in Georgia

>Just found out stalin was born in Georgia

Why has this been memoryholed so hard? An American is responsible for communism and mass scale genocides and mutts act like they are le beacon of democracy.
Fucking glowies man

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Georgia is technically part of Russia... so what's your point?

What the fuck? What part cause my momma is from Savannah and I got some folks in west Georgia too.

That's right libtards, the inventor of communism was a Confederate.

There is more than one place called Georgia you mongs. Stalin came from Georgia in Cornwall and developed his political philosophy in the Cornish National Liberation Army.

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Is this the Mandela effect?? I thought he was a vodkanigger too

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The South will sneed again

do they really have a wall of corn over there

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>Georgia is technically part of Russia
Since when lol?

>Since when lol?
22 December 1800. Some other stuff happened since then.

>Stalin born in Georgia
>Nigger City Atlanta hosts one of the biggest commie blocks in the nation

I don't know why you're so shocked.

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everyone knows this, but you are germans so you are retarded

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Georgien und nicht VSA du Hohlbirne

>Dumb fucking niggers

Can you read Chang?

Who you gonna believe, (((Wikipedia))) or Any Forums?

fuck off, hans

I always knew Stalin was a good ol' farm boy KKK member

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The hundreds of years of recorded history. The fact wikipedia has the information doesn't make it magically false.


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