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Politically-themed AI artwork.

"Donald Trump receives a vaccine hell, by Jan Van Eyck". starryai.

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"Adolf Hitler sitting at a desk by Jan Van Eyck". Starryai

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A portrait of Adolf Hitler. Starryai.

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A sheep receives a vaccine in hell by Jan Van Eyck. Dall.e 2

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Same prompt

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This is what i got from nightcafe using "John McAfee alive".
Sort of like a "Where is Wallie" picture. He is out there somewhere!

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it's all worthless thumbnails based off google imagery

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Posting some schizo-tier shit

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Here you go.

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our salvation

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Topkek we have a winner!

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Is he making Blattodea bars?

eating the bugs

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What next? Putin or Hitler by Hans Ruedi Giger?

great ones

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