What are the political implications of posting AI pepe and merchants in this thread?

What are the political implications of posting AI pepe and merchants in this thread?

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I still have to get this set up on my own rig for maximum lulz but the huggingface img2img works ok. pic related

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Feed the AI with "what are the political implications of implicating politics with implications"

I'm sure the result with be gibberish

It's a powerful tool to wake up normies. Just show them you can generate an image using your average consumer GPU. Tell them these algorithms have been available for decades for three letter agencies. Make them take the path to questioning what they see/believe to be real

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that picture looks like "lord of the rings" + "italian pizeria" + "gaotse" lmao

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I've been fucking around with img2img all night but can't get anything as nice as yours, any tips? take some lemonparty cookies as an offering

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ever get worried that while you're getting lulz from triggering art school majors and rich collects you're also training AI to do insidious things?
if like says and this tech has been available to glowies for decades, what kind of tech do they have now?
enough to actually do project bluebeam?
like actually project a figure of god into the sky based on your specific data signature that you willingly gave to these AI bots?

Aw sweet Lois, AI made horrors beyond my comprehension.

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You need the real thing from here github.com/sd-webui/stable-diffusion-webui

pretty good idea for a halloween costume

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Deleted this now.

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What AI is used to generate these? I have access to Dalle-2 but these generations are different

I would watch that one over the woke one

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What query generates this?

What IA is this? Link?
I wanna shitpost all day whit this IA

that's img2img and you have to mess with the noise setting till you find the sweet spot then you have to keep generating with prompts

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AI is cancer.
Return to nature, destroy the machines

wake me up when it can do shitting dicknipples