ITS HAPPENING: They made mycoarditis awareness comic for children

> vaxxie vaxxie
> heart attacksie
> jabababa doooo

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I guess niggers really do tongue my anus.
Also Nuremberg 2.0
Give no other response to vaxx shills.

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No refunds, kiddos!

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Another day, another feeling of content being a pureblood

The doctors in that cartoon aren’t social distancing. I’m going to call the hospital to file a complaint.

Fuck off. Kids haven't even have a chance to learn anything that could help them avoid this kind of shit. The blame is entirely on the older generations


>Nuremberg 2.0
They need to try any participant in a media organization that was "brought to you by Pfizer"

>myocarditis in children never existed before the covid vaccine
meds schizo

>The blame is entirely on the older generations

>They're all wearing masks in the photo
KEK! They can't even pretend she got myocarditis before the pandemic

Wtf I also have incredible stomachaches since yesterday. How do you know if it has something to do with myocarditis?

Safe and effective, then sudden and unexpected.
No one saw it coming, no one knew anything.
Deagel 2025

But they’re not distanced. Horrific visual in the middle of a pandemic

Internet shills.
Every day retards who obeyed and got their kids vaxxed.
They should all dangle.

how many vaxxes did you had today?

None. I'm unvaxxed.

remember when PSAs about heart conditions featured old people instead of children i do

vaxxie vaxxie pay your taxie

I'm being gaslighted by my doctors.

then you're fine

Tell us more

Thanks I feel better krautbro

> on various image boards and reddit
> the movie "Gray Man" got shilled
> various amounts of Tik Tok and short videos everywhere of Ryan gosling from this movie
> Also with nice 80s music
> its on netflix
> why does anybody care?
> and also its extremly hard to capture netflix screens since it has a record locking mechanism
> cant even make working screenshots
> how do they obtain the footage to produce the memes?

> but why do they astroturf this movie?

> because one of the main plot devices is a girl who has heart issues
> who has a pacemaker
> which is GPS trackable from everywhere
> they normalize pacemakers for children
> which forever track them

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I got covid and now I can’t get a boner. I’m not vaxed and loogy on a plate to do a test.

It’s so weird, growing up in america, the vast vast majority of people you’d meet and on tv would be white.

Now it’s like 100% mystery meat or niggers. Kind of disturbing desu. I don’t think america can ever recover. Like it’s finished.

>They need to try any participant in a media organization that was "brought to you by Pfizer"

Eh, too much work. Collaborators, a ditch and a bullet, simple and efficient. :)

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deplorable aussie post

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