How is Ukraine going to pay $10 billion USA has given until now?

How is Ukraine going to pay $10 billion USA has given until now?

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By defaulting on IMF loans and in return giving up collateral - Lands, privatization of industry to US/EU. They are not fighting for their own lands at this point, but rather IMF claims on assets against Russian ones.

By printing a single$ bill and handing it to sleepy Joe.

Money are worthless.

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>How is Ukraine going to pay $10 billion USA has given until now?
the Ukraine ceased to exist in 2014, the bill will be footed by the Eurogulag residents

10 billion? It's over 40.

You will never see that money again Ukraine is becoming technocrat paradise for the elite in the near future Zelensky sold his people.

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Why would they bruh?

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They just pay 10% to the big guy.

They won't.

>10 billion? It's over 40.

Jewkrain is the most corrupted country in Europe. Like they were given 40, but 30 were imidiately stolen and what is left is 10. Soon will be 5.

>he thinks they're going to pay

Ukraine's central bank has sold $12.4 billion of gold reserves since the beginning of Russia's invasion on Feb. 24.

40? its nearly over 100 already, its going to be 12-18 bill a month from here on out.

russoids will pay for it. Either by gold or blood. We'll soon witness the divine judgement on them if they destroyed Ukraine and killed Zelenskyy. God wills it

more contracts to Exxon

>God wills it

God wills you to have stage 4 rectal cancer.
What was last time you visit your proctologist? You should now. Thanks me later.

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>Oil and gas exports from the easter-ACK!

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the women are never going back. that's the payment, cheap Ukrainian whores for all who wish.

>Ukraine's central bank has sold $12.4 billion of gold reserves

Oh no!!! They changed shining yellow metal for paper coupons with numbers.
What a pitty.

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child photography

Democrat party campaign bonds.

kike gotta do kike things =D

>How is Ukraine going to pay $10 billion USA has given until now?
the same way britain, russia, and china paid us back for "lend lease," nigger

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Globohomo wants the children.

they pay with the blood of 40 to 75 k russian subhumans

thats more than worth it.

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That’s the cool part: they won’t cuz muh fight for democwacy

>$10 billion
lmao its more like 69 billion

Breeding with tyrones until the Amerimutt is impressed and forgives all goyim loans



You don't know hohols at all.

>40 to 75 k

Target numbers are 700.000.000+.
We've just started. No kidding.

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This transaction is already 2 way. Americans are buy dead rusniggers. Something they repeatably dreamed about since 1945

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Go back to Ukraine, Mikola.

You have to die for Zelensky.

You've never done business with an edomite and it shows.

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No Refunds!

with onions green

>How is Ukraine going to pay $10 billion USA has given until now?
kek, these money were a gift

A russian talking about corruption...

54 billion that we know of as of last week

The same way Israel does.

Women shall become sex slaves and men serve a canon fodder for the next mutt wars.

They will pay back by killing their shitslav brothers

Gold is pretty useful stuff

sry schascha, im german.
the only people who are dying are slavic subhumans like you. And soon pic related will be you/ your friends / your father/ your brother/ your son.

like putin said, russia has lost nothing (of value) in this 3 days special military operation. Just around 50k russian lifes.

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>40 billion
>What do you mean they us 50 billion
>I still can't believe we loan them 70 billion
>Listen goys I want the 100 billlion back.

>sending off your own children with weapons from the 80s to die in a meatgrinder.
Honest question user, you rly dont give a fuck about your own people do you?

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