A lot of questions about that.
So i will just create this thread and answer your questions if you have any.

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The thing is only ugly women left.
Or women who love husbands and protect children.
Really beautiful one are still here.
I am not joking. I see it in the streets every day.
Something about them is also that they are brave.
And its usually more fun to fuck with them and talk after sex.
Before after they decided to stay here they dont really care about money or cars so much as the ones whores who left.
Our girls actually want to know you.
Beautiful experience.
Before the war Kyiv was flooded with feminazis and I thought that we are losing it.
But war however bad it is really showed up best and worst qualities of people.
Women included.

Hard to explain. Specially in foreign language.
But before war we cared about netflix cars houses vidya games work etc.
it was sad living. A lot of people with depression. I am sure you know what i mean.
But war.
Has changed it all.
Even if you decide to move out you still will never be the same.
When you experienced war its like you ancestors genes kick off and you start seeing what has actual value and what is just jew tricks to fool you being slave.

So as hard it is to accept but i must say:
War is NECESSARY for mankind to survive. I hope it will change in the future. But as of now war is a failsafe that stops humankind from degrading to Sodom and Homorra living style.

Ukrainian women are riding big polski cock for food.
Your country is destroyed you only fight for Jewish profit.

Yes war would fix a lot of the current problems with modern culture I am sure. But at a pretty high cost and only temporarily.

Amerimutt NPC faggot behind a proxy

I can see how this would be true yes.
my question is "who" is behind all this war?
I can clearly see that not one of the world leaders zelinski,putin,biden,turdoe, do not have half a brain if all was out together so who is calling the shots?
is it (((them)))

There called zionists user and their racial supremacists

Leafbuddy, yes it's (them) to accurately describe the situation and the who would take a bit. Look into exiled Russian oligarchs and the people funding the color revolution a few years back and you will get it.

In reality nobody wants them because of HIV and stupidity lol.

Just start with Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi

>When you experienced war its like you ancestors genes kick off and you start seeing what has actual value and what is just jew tricks to fool you being slave.

You're literally dying so a kike television comedian can pocket billions of dollars.

Your demographics are eternally fucked, you will never recover and that same kike will use it as an excuse to flood your country with shitskins and niggers.

Your economy is fucked and that will be used as an excuse to sell off your national resources to corporate kikes, well even more than they already have been.

Right now you think you have purpose, and you do, you're fighting to survive, but there is no light at the end of that tunnel.

Keep your head down, survive, and get the fuck out of Ukraine when you can.

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Bolsheviks ?
my russian great grandmother told me about (((them))) and how they murder and rape and steal and how they worked there way into every nook and cranny of everything everywhere like plague rats.

I just thought it was a historical fact Ukrainians fucked Polaks for money.

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Essentially, they adhere to the teaching of Trotsky but their is also the component of genetic superiority, and being chosen by God to rule over the world

Alternative is more deaths and total collapse of the society.


Idk man, Georgian tinder right now is full of Russian hoes… idk who’s hoes left where tbf

well they chased us out of russia 100 years ago with only the clothes on there backs and like hell are they going to do it again.
this time we will make a stand.
I choose to fight on my feet instead of live on my knees.
all I need is 1 of them and my life was not in vain but 100 is my goal.

So you dumped your thots?
Truly a 4d chess move.


The cope is unreal

Some left, sure, but there are still lots of them. With >700k men in military service I'm not even sure which way had the balance shifted.