Ran over by a fellow buddy

Ukie bros, looks like you're advancing in the wrong direction arent you? btw stop running over your fellow mates

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Lullllll wtffff
Ps. Belive it or not they survived

You'll need more than posting on Any Forums to demoralize Ukranians after they retook Kharkiv oblast in 5 days (nazi blitzkrieg). Maybe start posting in Ukranian on their social media.

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That's terrible.
Also, upload to catbox that site of yours is shit

>lose in five days what it took you months to conquer
>look at this one accident
getting desperate much?

Russhits and ruslovers are in total cope mode right now, they can't ever admit russia is losing.

I cant, some wierd error pops out

Zelensky used blitzkrieg to retake it, but remember what happened after blitzkrieg? That's right, Germany lost.

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it took one day in 25th of february, moron, now return to toilet cleaning, taras. you spend too much time on pol lately, shilling for the failed country you left many years ago, people are getting tired of you.

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Pootin shitting BRICKS, maybe.

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Dumb ukies

>Russhits and ruslovers are in total cope mode right now

Do you realize that Russia still controls 20% of Ukraine and kills thousands of Bandera admirers?

It's literally demilitarization.

Yeah it's seems to be down and not any alternatives that don't require you to sign up

I bet Zelinsky is not even looking at the map, he's just posing over a plain desk.

Did you start the pincer already? I was wondering not long ago how quiet the big ukraine attack threads gone.

did you know, that brasil is known as the tropical russia? lmao

If these were Ruskies Ukrainefags would post it all over Any Forums over and over again.

Why is that

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I hope he is okay and well

yeah remember when ruskis drove over a mine? They spammed that the whole day or when they dropped a granade on that poor dude

why didn't you hohols stay and fight instead of crying on a mongoloid forum?