The best part of DeSantis sending illegal aliens to rich liberal neighborhoods is because of a liberal’s nature to...

The best part of DeSantis sending illegal aliens to rich liberal neighborhoods is because of a liberal’s nature to never admit they’re wrong. They will instead double down like they always do, force a smile as they say “all refugees welcome” as they slowly watch their property value plummet and their neighborhood become a crime infested shithole.

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Those cities need workers.
You're welcoming immigrants and putting them in places where they will have the most success.
What in Jesus name do you think you're doing?
You have to stop them from coming in, not welcome them and send them to safety in private planes.

He should send them back to their countries, not White areas
Stupid maga retard

Israeli DeSantis is accelerating eradicating whites and you faggots are cheering him on.

The federal government has literally said it’s illegal to send them home. Short of secession, this is the best they can do. Jew Biden has literally said he will send the military down to the border to ensure that muds and shits can illegally cross into the US.

Lelelelel watch them become republican after they watch their house value go down in real time

t resident of Martha’s Vineyard

>Those cities need *low paid* workers to keep the wages down
FIFY. They used the same economic argument in the 19th century. Fuck off, tranny. A nation is more than its economy. What we have is unique in world history and mouth-breathers want to sell it for cheaper labor.

"need workers" is another way of saying the native population has been priced out and its impossible to afford housing close enough to where you're working. Those immigrants are just going to learn the very hard way why everyone in the US is giving up now.

I too love replacement theory

>I need to join my oppressor
Nah they'll ship them to mar a largo

He'd actually get in trouble for that.

Tfw Martha's vineyard becomes an industrial powerhouse from all the labor .. send us MOAR migrants we will use them

Of course they're doctors and lawyers

Nah man that's the new shill narrative because this is working too well lol
I don't give a damn about rich liberal neighborhoods, I hope they get burned to the ground by the shitskins they wanted so badly

Diversity is our strenght sweaty

>oy vey Desantis is the real jew here
Your organized “concern shilling” has failed and has been universally derided on pol. The fact that you or your jew bots continue to run with it is awesome. It shows the tourists and noobs that leftists aren’t looking to reason; they simply shout talking points over and over. There is little difference in my mind between an NPC and a bot. I’m not even replying to you so much as to every user who reads this.

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They won't do shit. They will just cry and vote for the republicans like good little goyim. That's all liberals ever do once they reap what they sow. Not that republicans are any better realistically, it's just the other side of the same coin.

What a pathetic cope. Hope you have fun becoming culturally enriched,libtards.

you reap what you sow

lol oh now it's about white solidarity

You say that
But they're still going to mar a largo
Presidents get illegals as they're federal issues
That's why Biden isn't getting any

I was driving back from va, I was at a truck stop and this big bus pulled up and all these deshovled looking jungle mystery people exited, no lie that shit was scary I high tailed it out of there. Wtf Is going on.

The right has finally embraced alinskyism and its the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. May our enemies fall upon their own sword and let their final words be "diversity is our greatest strength".

Exactly, we can't culturally enrich the rich leftists who love niggers and spics that's just cruel

>It's great to support replacement theory cries the rightwinger