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Fox news is teying to xonvince americans biden is doing a good job. Last week fox said megan podcast had more viewers than joe rogan lol. Those jews will say anthing and call it news

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get off the beers and sabe the rest for me

"Lets go Brandon!" I am right? Blaming a senile old man while ignoring his full Jewish cabinet making all the decisions. Let's go Brandon is another kike made slogan to distract you from them. The Right is truly composed of low IQ emotional idiots. Just go drink your beer, drive your overcompensating truck watch your nigger ball and love and hate whatever Jew Masters instruct you to do. Dumb asses!!

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Now the boards are awake. A lot less faggy russia or Hitler threads. Eurofags, slavs and chink posting is so boring and repetitive. I need some ozbro shiposts to wake up tho.

Its weed man

this, nohomo tho


Job Randon


Fuck Peter Brandon

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Sleepy joe.

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a growing trend

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he's heckin based


Joe Biden here. OP you make me hot. Want to have sex. I will have my secret service detail at your homeless shelter in ten minutes. Now clean your ass and a little perfume will help. They will deliver you to my house of pleasure beneath the White House for a weekend you can only imagine. General Milley and I await. Love and Kisses, Joe

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Good morning sars
Fuck Joe Biden

Dark Brandon is making your anus bleed right now, isn't he?

someone needs to correct the spelling as that is not how you write "fuck joe biden"