Why do they look like aliens wtf

Why do they look like aliens wtf

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Humans evolved from mushrooms.

Mushrooms can survive space.

That's not how pussies work

its one of those things from invasion of the body snatchers caught during it's replication phase. must have landed on a slag or something and thought the vagoo was the creatures primary feature.

yes it is.

.t roastie

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P-Put your dick in it

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It literally isn't my girlfriend was 19 when I saw her pussy for the first time and it looked like that. She told me she wasn't a virgin but there is no way she took enough penisntonmake her pussy like that

>she told me she was a virgin

Yeah. The roastie thing is a meme.

It's a genetic lottery, some vagainas are like that.

My mom for example has a pussy like a baby, you cant see the labia

Yet my sister has a big labia even when she was a virgin

Same as the "uncut dicks smell and taste weird thing

I am cut and mine smells in just two days of not showering while the dick of my father, who only showers once a week, never smells

close family you have there user

What about their taste?

can masturbation cause this?


Your dick stank might be from a PH imbalance. Try switching your soap, especially to an olive oil based one.

Really? I'll try, Thanks.

>there are anons on this board that didn't grow up with a sister to explore their sexuality together
No wonder you guys are so bitter.

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How the actual fuck do you know what your fathers dick smells like user

In Russia the dick smells you.

Try aleppo soap with 40% bay leaf oil, thank me later

The mushroom evolved to make you want to nut on it.

What's aleppo?

I remember this pasta

Not even roastie, the only people who post comments like that are seething men that cope because their wives are whores.

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A Leppo is a smaller variety of A Hippo which contains a certain glad secreted oil considered by some to be both pleasant smelling and a good skin cleanser.

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It's like a ducdoo

humans like warm, wet, dark places

its a pasta newfag

Yeah, like your mom's place.