Why do people still think there is a political solution?

>vote brexit
>still more immigration
>still more globohomo

>vote trump
>still more immigration
>still more globohomo

>vote swedish social democrats

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> Why do people still think there is a political solution?
because it's a cope

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You convinced me, I will vote for the far left this time.

10 years ago several high ranking party officials of SD were involved in an event called the iron rod scandal. It was coined with this name due to said officials having gone out and started beating random darkies on the street with an iron rod after getting shitfaced on an afterwork.
This is the party leadership of the now second largest party of the country who were standing in parks doing roman salutes just 15 years ago.
They're based and the greatest thing to happen in swedish politics in decades.
You're cringe and a blackpilled demoralized faggots who's probably had a dussin penises in and around your face. Cope Nigel

Cope, all sweden democrats are pro-israel loving cucks. Sweden is over, just try to make some money and get out of this shithole.

Unironically the best way to start the happening would be to accelerate the money printing to Weimar levels with leftist economic policy.

>oy vey just make some shekles and escape from your ancestral lands
The absolute state of demoralization cucks.

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Because they're stupid and have lived the entirety of their lives behind tall walls guarded by men with guns.

all they can do is call all movements of dissent jewish controlled in the hopes that it stops people joining

You're being blackpilled. Consider this:

> all social media against us
> all big tech against us censors us
> all mainstream media lies about us
> all hollywood and tv lies about us
> all megacorps openly hostile to us
> total gastlighting and astoturfing of pl*bbit and other forums

And yet despite all of that we're STILL winning elections in countries like Sweden, UK and USA.

Now imagine what will happen as our own alt tech platforms start to take off (e.g. gab oddysee etc albeit very early days). We have the truth, and our numbers grow every day. The pendulum is only beginning to swing right, wait till the momentum grows

tldr: 2 more weeks

The "right" always loses. Reactionaries never set back society. They only do it temporarily. If they did, we'd still be in the middle ages. Economics is what determines change.

This is the correct answer, a lot of people take what they have for granted and don't realize they have to be defended

They've been teached all their lives that "violence doesn't solve anything, only perpetuates violence!" and "dialogue is the way! Compromise is the way!". That cuckcracy would continue is a given, though not for much longer, as zoomers are being radicalized worldwide. The only problem is that many of them fall for the "wisdom" of their boomers, which is the policy of no-reaction and cuckcracy worship, though thankfully, many zoomers woke up from this cucked way of doing things, and many more will wake up when they have to pay for the pension of Gen X AND benefits of immigrants. This should happen in about 10 to 20 years.
Also, zoomers are very susceptible to propaganda if they're not mentored after, e.g. Zion Don and his copycats in each country. They're susceptible to being misled too, as they're desperate for an alternative, though they know not which to choose, so they end up going for the judaic ancapism, communism, ludditism, or theocratic larpery. Either way, the common trend is either autocracy or full blown freedom. It's a matter of time until these trends are refined to a more specific kind of ideology.

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left v right dichotomic thinking.

societel and cultural winds change every few years and decades. the threads holding together wokefaggotry are so thin, they could snap at any moment.

jq, 9/11 etc is now discussed openly among normies, race iq link is becoming somewhat mainstream, and even things like tate clips taking over yt/tiktok so rapidly all show massive undercurrents toward the right (culturally).

that said, i agree with your sentiment that economics drive change, and we are currently heading toward an information driven economy (largely are in many respects), and since we have the facts and truth on our side, it is almost inevitable that we will eventually win out. the only sad thing is how many innocent white people have to suffer in the meantime

And I'll add that, while I do not know about the following trend in every single western country. I have seen anons from many countries, as well as the normalfags, planning on making whatever amount of money they need in the city and settling in a countryside property. This, by itself, is a clear indicator that, while zoomers might not be the status quo breakers, they will give birth to the ones that will be.

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Answer me this

Politics is part of the solution. Obviously.

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And go where? If Sweden falls the rest of Europe will be soon behind.

Why do you give up and blackpill people?

>and get out
Where to?
Exactly. I'll stay.

>Why do people still think there is a political solution?
War and Revolution are political solutions.

>west blackmails us with 'pride' for EU membership we'll never get
>after accepting it they start harassing us with pride special edition that lasts a week

It never stops, until you start killing.
I got nothing against regular faggots btw, but globalist subverzionists get the rope.