I just read in the newspaper that the eu will now gradually ban wood stoves and wood heating on the continent...

i just read in the newspaper that the eu will now gradually ban wood stoves and wood heating on the continent...how will you keep warm when you can't afford electric heating and you can't use wood?.here is an older article about it,they'll even use fucking sattelittes to enforce their insanity. allinfo.space/2021/06/18/the-eu-wants-to-stop-wood-burning/

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i'm really worried for the germans

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Stfu homo. Spekulation is not reality

They already passed these laws years ago.
You either need to retrofit your wood stuff with a filter or catalytic converter, or get a new one that already has them integrated.
The point when an oven has to be shut down depends on the time it was purchased, with older ovens getting a longer grace period.
There is also a grandfather clause for really old ovens that will never need to be retrofitted.

Interested to see how they will enforce this shit.
>oy vey did you pay your oven license, goy?

>how will you keep warm when you can't afford electric heating and you can't use wood?
You won't. That's the point.

>the eu will now gradually ban wood stoves and wood heating on the continent
Brb acquiring old font heater that stay hot during the night and help cook

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Obama’s EPA tried doing this in America. They want you dependent on the system so bad.


Burning wood is basically carbon neutral so they have to invent bullshit like PM2.5 to justify restricting them. Meanwhile California's horrible forestry management contributed to 95% of all smoke related PM2.5 emissions in the country every year.

I read over 10 years ago that Ontario Canada was going to 100% renewable energy by 2030. This means no wood stoves for leafs to heat their homes. I could not even begin to beleive no wood stoves heating in the great north. Even here in the states there was a wood stove maker that got shut down in MI for emissions violations or some stupid fucking shit

Don't get rid of your wood stoves.

Burning Jews and niggers is carbon neutral

the police will get rid of them for us i suspect.when they come for mine,i'll atleast make sure it's white hot!.

its the next logical step to take if you're trying to take complete control of the economy, energy and peoples lives in general. they are already giving grants out for people to install heat pumps, and many are doing so while also making themselves dependent on an outside power source. the only way to really force the change will be to have local government start performing inspections and stuff like that. there'll be some push back but id be surprised if people didn't just accept this shit in the end.

Compost heating, you just mix a lot of organic waste with soil in a pile and wait.

This has many obvious uses (agriculture, heating of large spaces, … ) and someone mentioned it earlier on.

>Interested to see how they will enforce this shit.
Op said they use satellites. Then they send you a fine via mail with pictures, like a traffic camera.

>a Catalytic converter for your chimney
Please don't tell me this is real. This is the funniest thing I've heard in a while.

its real.

Därr Deutsche wärrrmt sich am Eisblock!!!!

Make candles out of the communists. Fat burns very well.

German autism at its finest. When these laws were made a $3000 euro electric bill or a complete gas shortage was not envisioned. Yet they're so autistic they will still enforce it.

Open fireplaces are now illegal in France.
Don't care, still using mine. It's way comfier than the cuck insert.

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