What do you think about Americans? How are Americans viewed in your country?

What do you think about Americans? How are Americans viewed in your country?

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Is this the apex of the grape merchant?
Not only is is easy to see what it represents but the grapes themselves are beautiful and you could show this to anyone without any suspicion

don't concern yourselves with the plebians

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How do you do these AI images? Is there a guide anywhere?

looks like you need UNIX system... too bad for me I'm windows pleb

The grape merchant recoils in horror when named lol

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no you don't, look on Any Forumssdg/

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these images are impressive

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The government are viewed as evil war mongers and the people are viewed as friendly, but dumb.

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i love pareidolia

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And very annoying too.

Americans are okay. Brits are loud, rude, drunk, aggro, horny sex tourists. Hate 'em.

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AI brought the obscure merchant posting to a whole new memetic dimension. Pretty sure this one is going to be a timeline shifter like NPC

Love 'em

but your women love us

digits are holy.
there should be dedicated twitter trolls to post these under the blue check yids. What the fuck is twatter gonna do? B& you for posting a fruit basket?


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What r u doin in America then, user?

cry more portunigger

Can someone edit le trashman

I hate 'em and so does everyone I've ever met.