Deagel 2025 Forcast

>Be Deagel
>A site that provides news and information on international military aviation and advanced technologies.
>The site analyzes which budgets will be allocated to which markets to purchase military aircraft. That’s all that really matters to them
>Deagal reports has no conflict of interest in their forecasts, just pure raw public data
>Has a forecast for the outlook of 2025 that has been available before 2020, as far as 2018 possibly earlier
>Every western nation in 2025 has a significant decline in population and GDP, upwards of a 70% deficit
>No explanation given, such a drastic change that you can't attribute to data for an algorithm based on passed data
>Pre-2020, speculations on whether it's WW3 or something sensible like capital flight
>During-2020 to 2021 speculations shifted to COVID19 and/or vaccines
>Deagel takes down the forecast for 2025 between 2020-2021
>You can still find the forecast in the waybackmachine
With the current outlook, what do you guys think? A lot of "shithole" countries don't get effected to much, in fact have a gain in population and a rise in GDP, hence the speculation of capital flight. It's projected that China would be the dominant superpower, yet they're facing financial ruin.

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Forecast for the UK

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Forecast for Germany

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people will migrate south to latin america and gentrify a bunch of beaner towns. the browns march north looking for opportunities and the western man will migrate south with their assets and live comfy. the prime breeding stock will be impregnated and a race of bleached beaners will build nations below the fallen empire of america

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Just for fun, the Philippines. Not exactly the pearl of the orient.

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>81 mil to 28 mil
Makes sense to pull this but woah

I really want to move to a low tax country, thinking about Malta but I'm not sure if its too warm all the time

These declines in the population numbers are going to be due to Covid and climate change. You idiots do remember that we’re still in the middle of a deadly global pandemic, right? The anti-vax lunacy is just prolonging it and will cause these millions of deaths. And don’t get me started on climate change denial. I mean, people are literally dropping dead from heart attacks due to the heat.

The top 15. I only bring this up because of what I see going on in global geopolitics. The speculations at first were COVID19, then it was the Vaccines. Now it's getting clearer and makes a lot more sense.

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>316 million -> 69 million
I always wonder if this reads as 69 million LESS compared to the 316 million, or down to 69 million total. Either way it’s a dramatic change

You forgot to mention the fact that its been predicting this shit for 20 years and keeps moving the goalpost and changing the decline to a later date. Just google the guy who owns this website and listen to him talk hes a retarded boomer who makes money from advertising revenue.

They ran simulations using Turchin's cliodynamics (look it up) and proved there will be a nuclear war before 2025. No kidding, Turchin is basically a psychohistorian.

Get the vax pay the tax

down to 69 million, see . They have the turd world increasing for the most part

Probably the lattter.
Population declines are largely determined upon age distributions.
If my nation provides age demographic data, then I can take the average life expectancy of my nation, and calculate the probability of a given segment of them dying in a given Year XYZ.
There are some very potent data points in the statistical information provided by governments.
I would even go far as to suggest that providing such data points is one of the prerequisites of joining large organizations like the WTO.

>US is gonna lose 75% of its population in 2.5 years
I drive for a living.
The traffic is just awful.
Even in small towns (~2500 population for reference).
They might as well install traffic lights at every possible intersection because it would be a shorter wait for me.
5 minute+ waits just to get out of a fucking grocery store during non-peak hours.
And it's all fat fucking boomers.
Just driving around aimlessly.
Not looking where they're going because that's a stupid fucking idea!
I had high hopes for Covid being the Boomer Remover but nothing ever came into fruition.
Hopefully Deagel comes through.

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>Boomers die
>Beans and poos shipped home
Can't see the problem

Australia population almost cut in half.

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Yea, all whites are leaving this planet with the aylmaos. We are created in theor image.

Inb4 meds

Keffals secret YouTube channel

66 million to 15 million is about a 75% drop in population.

This would be very consistent with the number of vaccinated adults.

Food for thought.