Recently started a new job

>recently started a new job
>only been here a month but already became the loser nobody talks to socially and who sits alone at lunch and doesn't attend after work social events
>manager outlining job responsibilities and "talent management" and how end of season ratings are given
>says near the end that "communication and teamwork" are necessary to succeed

This foreshadowing is a bit on the nose...

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You've already identified the issue, bong. It's time to adapt or perish. Fucking interact with them -- approach the faggots and pretend you're a socialfag.
Life is like a play; there's your stage so go shine the brightest, my beautiful star.

fpbp, actually based. How's Portugal doing nowadays user?

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Id : Gay


gl at your next job

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Get fired and collect bennies. Do some cash work on side. Working for a company is for retards and fags

either accept the fact that you are naturally unable to manage being around other people and shape your life so that its not such a big hindrance or figure out how to pretend sufficiently well that they can at least tolerate your presence. im in the same kind of situation btw.

no, don't play. this is advise for lemmings. what's next, you're going to tell people to get vaxxed so they can go to social events? fpwp

>id ROPE

rainy, barely any sun these days. My flag without the weather is like Ronaldo without the siuuu

How are these generated? Do you enter the filename keywords together with the image of Pepe, or do you just upload the Pepe and let the program find the visual solution?

Tugabro knows the wagey reality.
OP, pretend you are a different person. If you like red, tell them you like blue. Normans will never care enough to know you are lying.

I just don't want to talk to people if I don't have to

you can just blame your coworkers for avoiding you, that way they might get fired instead. do it for the keks, fuck normalniggers.

Deploy crew serviced weapons on your next Terrorist Tuesday event and invite all your new coworkers.

Make certain to video the event and make a highlight powerpoint to share in the office during the next team meeting.

This will show real initiative

why would you bother socializing with them, lying about who you are, if you know they don't really care? weird cope

interesting question to ask on a politics board.

Yeh thats it live a faggot life on your knees

>/pol fag is antisocial loser who can't interact with other humans


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If you’re not trying to hang out with your hot female coworkers outside of work so you can fuck their friends, what are you even doing?

You mean the OP??

literally the only reason to go to an office. OP should be fired immediately for being a giant faggot and failing to fuck even a single coworker