Do you care about Asian crime victims? Why or why not...

Do you care about Asian crime victims? Why or why not? Should we care about people getting attacked who do not speak out about others getting attacked?

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1. All lives matter.
2. This is a scam.

Do they though? Mass murdering child rapists lives don't matter do they. So you can't say all lives matter. It's just not true.
Better thing to say is just:
>Separatism is the solution.

Careful, Cleetus. Someone might call you a child rapist once and then your life won't matter. All it takes is one cop and one judge. Either all lives matter or no lives matter. Even in prison, all lives matter.

Fair. Still better to drum up noise towards separatism. By playing the lives mattering game, we stay in their court.

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>reporting on WMAF
That’s a chinkcel account

You expect Whites being invaded to care about invaders attacking invaders?

Then say that.

When you try to co-opt other people's language and symbology you look like the answer to a question nobody asked. The reason for the lack of success of right wing public image campaigns (that were successful in the 80s) is that it's nothing but fucked over, microwaved versions of very popular symbology that undeserved groups use. You've even desaturated the American flag and painted colored lines on it, that's desecration. Go find your own brand. Get back to your roots. Jackbooted thuggery never ends well for the jackbooted thugs.

I will care when they stop the bullshit anti-white racial grifting that every non-white group engaged in. What bothers me even more than that is white tolerance of headlines like the one in the attached pic. This professor should be living in a homeless camp in downtown Denver rather than being rewarded with a high six figure income in Boulder. The whites who pay tens of thousands of dollars a year in tuition enable this form of systemic hatred and bigotry, and they refuse to stand up to it at every turn.

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No. Just gauging where everyone is at regarding the subject.

How high are you right now? Your comment reads like it's intended for someone else. You just want to be right - is that it? You made no argument for "all lives matter" vs my suggested replacement. All lives matter is yesteryear and got us nowhere. Time to be more specific and aim for the heart, or we serve to slay nothing but Hydra's heads as they keep on regenerating.

Someone need to explain to me why American Asians think they are white and deserve better treatment. It’s really pathetic, they get thrown a praise bone every now and again that’s enough to appease them. The minute they get treated like what they are,another minority, they wanna cry racism like they weren’t chanting “all lives matter” too. It just seems like they wanna cash in on that geroge Floyd money too, but the years of being a watch dog against other minorities are biting them in the butt. Plus Asians can’t stop being discriminating and fighting each other so it was a doomed cause even within. If they are anything like my Japanese friends I have no hope for American Asians.

I don't care about any non-Whites in my country. However, I know niggers are gonna nig, so I'm glad it's them and not us getting nogged.

You country university system is literally funded by wealthy Chinese and Korean students studying abroad. You burgers deserve it.

have they tried going back to asia?

Any sane azn in US should be voting hard right republican, for nothing more than pure self-interest. Instead they're voting dem. Conclusion: they're retards/untermenschen, and therefore get what's coming to them.

>I will care when they stop the bullshit anti-white racial grifting that every non-white group engaged in.
Its not racial groups its some people in academia and the media, either jews or people influenced by the jewish mentality.

Not my problem

Asians tend to actually know how to raise kids with discipline so they do well in school and end up getting good jobs.
>school and education is dumb and pointless
Western education can be fucking terrible but at the end of the day the statistics show clear as fucking day that on average those who achieved higher in education earn more.
If you failed in school in can be due to bad teaching, but more often that not if is because your parents were too lazy to parent you properly into trying hard.

I think Asians are virtually right to raise their kids the way they do. If they could just train boys to be more aggressive and assertive to get along in American culture they would be even stronger.

I honestly admire Confucian/Asian culture more than modern western culture at this point. I hate the bullshit that gets thrown at Asians.

I say this as politically right leaning White man with an Asian gf. Kek.

Shouldn't it be wMAF if these chinks insist on lowercase for white?

they are still defending niggers lmao

In my experience a lot of first generation Asian immigrants are sort of apolitical. They just want to get along, work hard, make money, raise their kids to do well in school to get a top paying job.
They tend not to want to rock the boat in the country the immigrated to do they keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics and just go with the flow with people around them.
Most urban areas in America are Democrat dominated and most Asians live in big urban areas so they just vote how their neighbours vote and nod along to fit in.

As Asians in America get even richer and more dominant I think things will change. They will start calling out the bullshit like not letting too many Asians in Harvard. Clamping down on welfare. Calling out anti-Asian shit from blacks.