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There was some "chick" on Any Forums talking about how "she" felt no purpose in life with everyone around her entrenched in degeneracy and nigger-kike culture, but it's now deleted. It made me think about how I feel about life, and I'm sure most of you also feel without a purpose as well in this modern world.

The main problem to solve right now is our starting point.
I seriously doubt any far-right political movement can grow from a starting point of "whites only, remove all others." I feel like we need to be pushing for a national culture that is enforced instead, as too many Americans feel compelled to believe that race is meaningless and not a good way to judge one's character.

I know it sounds cucked but there's really no way an aggressively racist political party can thrive, we'd simply never get a platform and if we did it would only be to replay the most racist and bloodthirsty shit said by /ourguys/. It worked for Germany in the 20s and 30s, it won't work today in America (i believe).

We can't discuss anything further until we figure out where we need to start.
Ethnic nationalism or Cultural nationalism?

Topics like government structure and economics and women's rights and authoritarianism vs republicanism need to wait, they aren't relevant if there are 50 far-right political groups all disagreeing on the fundamentals.

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Ethnic Nationalism, but like you said, we can't be a race driven party.

Tricky, perhaps there is a way to fight back against ghetto/kike/drug culture without involving race? A party focused on eliminating common bads to begin with.

Fed thread

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why is it a fed thread? because i felt a glimmer of hope and by the end of it and you want to diminish that feeling in all those here?


Cool idea. It's already been explored by GLR and those inspired by him. Most authentic white nationalists nowadays have given up on America because the political situation is obviously hopeless for really an endless number of reasons. The closest you get is Patriot Front which is run by a narcissist that requires you submit your dox and proof of you committing a crime. Can you tell me the general strategy you have for political success, any innovations or are we just larping here?

We could embrace "dog whistles" as they call them. Go after shit everyone is sick of and hates, and everyone will implicitly understand what we are really talking about when they think about everything as a whole.

On the other hand, normies seem to be making more overtly racist comments lately. Maybe things are changing now that nonwhites are getting more aggressive.

>any innovations or are we just larping here?
Other than cultural enforcement, not really. I kinda just intended this to be a brainstorming session of potential ideas, like the beer halls of Munich.

>It's already been explored by GLR and those inspired by him.
I never read much by him but wasn't he trying to get a worldwide unification of whites without respect to nationality? Don't want to comment too much on something I don't know about, but I consider Germans, British, French, Russian, White Americans, etc to all be different races of white people; all too different in values and attitude to ever work together as a singular identity.


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Well I hate to be the one to say it, but it's a dead end. If someone was really hooked on the idea, there's only one strategy I see working out. If you're young, infiltrate a radical political group by any means. Far left, anarchist, far right, doesn't matter. Your mission is collecting intel, on the underground political scene, on federal agent tactics, on strategies for organizing and funding, anything useful to your goals. Eventually you will gather enough intel to break off and form a group of your own, where multiple intelligence sources can be concentrated to pursue your goals. Once an intelligence network is created, you will actually have real power. The main complaint I hear from the DR is that feds infiltrate groups, intelligence networks get around this.

And if you're an oldfag, larp about Christ and having a family or smth idk.

Oy vey fellas, you can be far right but stay away from those Nazi whites who think they have a right to exist

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The point of this thread is to hear alternatives. How do you propose going about spreading a far-right party in America when every platform will never let you explain what we want?

I really don't see that happening unless we already had a group of people that could defend themselves while giving public speeches, like the National Socialists did.

Let it all burn and the white man will be all that remains.
Accelerate. Burn it all.

What if we were to detach from the word "right" all together? I guess it depends on what type of topics you would want to cover first. More blanket topics that everyone dislikes/agrees is bad.

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