Ctrl + f Russia

>ctrl + f Russia
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Are we the most rent free country to ever exist?

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everyone wants to see you dead

But we only did anything to hohols
I don't understand why everyone cares.

no one cares, you deserve to die simply for being russian


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it is cia nigger cattle discord sperg out and mods are part of it too
take this png as an example
ban for "attacking other users"
and i just pasted what they wrote to me
in reality, they are very mad about these nato basedjacks

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this, it's obvious there's a raid going on

>Serbia BroadBand-Srpske Kablovske
You serve aren't the brightest tools in the shed are you

I see discord trannies getting exposed one day and all of a sudden shills start doubling down these past weeks.
Either way I never seen so many people seethe this hard over something that has no affect on them personally.


>white Nigeria reeeees and kvetches 24/7

>"Haha, why do you guys care?;) ;)"


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russia is religious idiotic trash, where you either human footlicker or you will be victimized by everyone including your mom, dad, roommates or even coworkers.

I don't think about your countries at all.
It's a 1 way stream of butthurt.

>Makes an insane amount of noise acting like a retard
>Be smug about people noticing your retardedness

Gee, congratulations I guess. Will you celebrate by building indoor plumbing?

Filter out uhg and chug and see what the results plummet to

>millions of amerimutt and westroon taxpayers money being spent for alphabet kikes to shitpost about Russia badz

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The amount of indirect seething we caused is a historical feat.

are you sure about that turk


Happy for you. Hope you enjoy your paradise

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>poos on floor
>everyone complains
>"ehmrmuhgud we live rent free!"

The vast majority of Russians will never see a nigger in their life, can you say the same?
We're only shitting on Ukraine and it turned the whole world into beltfags.

>This doesnt affect you
Try to decide already