Two (Yes TWO) filthy gaijin piggus are causing massive train deadlocks throughout Tokyo after they entered train tracks in Shibuya & Harajuku stations (super busy stations), playing hide and seek with cops and train staff, laughing, and making out in the ground. Currently 96k passengers are affected.

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>playing hide and seek with cops and train staff, laughing, and making out in the ground.

tf goin on

take a break from being a slave

run them over

Not really a happening, just a pretty shit system if two white tourists running around and touching each other up can bring 100k people to a stand still in your country.

Hopefully this makes japan more racist and fucking all non Japs are genocided.

Nihon-kun you should know by now that people outside japan can't access to yahoo japan anymore because it's geo blocked.

Train not moving at Yoyogi crossing (near Harajuku)

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should have thought about it before getting dependent of cattle transportation, urban sodomite

this happens on multiple lines every day on our train network in Melbourne.

>Nooooo I'm going to be lake to kike-san's wage boxu

In your very own article it says that it was untrue and all you are saying were actually rumours spread by sheep who have nothing better to do

the phantom intersection

K. Keep us posted.

Were just having some fun, doing a little bit of mischief, being somewhat of a couple of rascals
Its just something whites do you know? When we want to have some fun we become a little bit of a public nuisance, when blacks want to have some fun they shoot up a gas station

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OP is a typical weeaboo posting with a proxy

People lining up for Yamanote / Keio / Shonan Shinjuku trains, already the busiest lines in Tokyo.
They cannot go to work.

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>Must be a shit system if 2 people acting like niggers can shut it down
Nah, that's what a good system looks like. One not accustomed to nigger behavior

Talk like an adult zoomernigger. You sound like a faggot

>( Its 2 People are ) Station staff, police and demon pee
Jesus Christ

I will never understand how people unironically like living in big cities. Literally the most cucked existence on earth.

They should have just left home earlier and they wouldn't have gotten stuck.

It's not the gaijin problem. They should keep the train running without giving a fuck.

No fun allowed in Japan

High trust society vs. Several immigrants