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EU4, create Gross Germanium.

war thunder

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Here is Russian Armoured Car Driver i made for Battlefield 1 im making. Also Isonzo is really good.

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I miss Gunz.

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In terms of just good old fun without jewish micro transactions I'd recommend this. I had a good time.

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>ww1 Russian Armoured Car Driver

>join holy nation
>abide holy nation laws
>adopt holy nation customs

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Xcom 1 and 2 is based

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>Battlefield 1


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??? I always used a 1911 as a German sharfschutze (sic) in Day of Defeat.

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War Thunder is full of autistic redditors that report you if you say nigger. It is most certainly NOT Any Forums approved.

Yeah, yeah i know, M1911 is default sidearm for vehicle class in the game and for cavarly its Russian M1895 Winchester. I hope one day BF1 gets Venice Unelashed treatment, having Luger for German vehicle class would be nice, but its all M1911. Gotta do with what you have mate.

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B 1915–1916 гoдaх poccийcкaя импepaтopcкaя apмия пoлyчилa 35 000 пиcтoлeтoв Кoльт M 1911 кaлибpa.45 (зaвoдcкиe нoмepa: C 50000 – C 85000). Эти пиcтoлeты имeли нa лeвoй cтopoнe paмки штaмп нa pyccкoм языкe «AHГЛ. ЗAКAЗЪ». Бoльшaя чacть этoгo opyжия и бoeпpипacoв к ним былa дocтaвлeнa coюзникaми в Poccию yжe пocлe Oктябpьcкoй peвoлюции и пoпaлa в pyки бeлoгвapдeйcких фopмиpoвaний нa Ceвepe

Valjano je sa modovima. Ne razumijem šta je smiješno?

May I recommend Arma 3, Dota2, or SCP Secret Laboratory if you enjoy the nigger word?

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Thanks lad, forgot about that, Russian Empire certainlz did have in use M1911s.

to the aussie thanks for the atom rpg suggestion, downloading now

I have like 2,500 hrs on Arma 3 and probably a couple hundred on SCP: Secret Lab.
Patrician choices, friend.

>not being chatbanned for 30 years

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This game is so fucking fun but my pc was on the verge of blowing up every time I played it. I'd buy a gaming pc just to play this game.

L.A Noire:
>this scene Phelps literally names the jew
>main cast is almost exclusively white men, using slurs without getting reprimanded by the story
>barely any women, only one in a main role
>the only blacks are the criminals you bust on the vice desk for dealing heroin
>that part of the vehicle desk where you uncover hollywood pedophilia and go down the rabbit hole
>in flashbacks we see the triviality of WWII
>highlighting the massive levels of corruption in the system from covering up murders to grand conspiracies

i'm thinking based

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Is Colonization better than FreeCol?

Very based game, given you can blow apart and disembowel Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

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I tried to get back into Arma but the low fps was driving me insane. Have you tried Squad? Slightly less autistic but similar community.

Cataclysm DDA
Neo Scavenger
Space Station 13
MnB Warband
Distant Worlds
Dominions 5