How many immigrants will it take to break them?

A one time shot of 50 immigrants wont do it. They need
>A constant, unrelenting stream of immigrants

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From what I can tell, even liberals are not comfortable with immigration in high numbers. They're doing this mostly for social media brownie points.

send them here. I run a landscaping company and I would much prefer to hire hard working south american migrants rather than some entitled, drug-addled, lazy white guy of the same age.

Where are you?


They need daily deliveries. Just ask everybody at the border if they want to go to Martha's Vineyard.

> calls white guys lazy
> would rather hire someone else to do the job for him

Fucking retard.

Have you considered hiring niggers? They make better slaves than whites.

These people are so cucked. Going to America and just be an illegal immigrant doesn't sound so bad to be honest.

And how much are you going to pay these doctors and engineers? Do they get health insurance?

This. You guys complain about Christians crossing your border looking to work. Over here we get Muslims crossing our border looking for handouts and women to rape.

Oh. Sorry, don't think you're on the list. You could always go down to the border, pick up a family, then set them up on your property in exchange for work.

Fifty will be plenty. Just give it time.
Everybody here was eager as fuck to help Ukraine a while ago. Even driving their own cars down there to pick up refugees and housing them themselves after taking them back here.
That died down real fucking fast, though.

Non sequitur. Diversity is our greatest strength. The more diverse the area becomes, the more powerful it is.

Probably a better idea to pick up your day labor from the Home Depot parking lot than Lambert's.

start a gofundme to rent busses and give them tents to set up camp and pol anons to drive them over in the thousands. i bet literally everyone on pol would contribute to such a worthy cause

They are already broken. They are having a hard time feeding and housing 50. They even make a big to-do about having to spend one more night. I don't have hope for the dyed-in-the-wool NPCs, but the same folks that can't handle 50 immigrants are telling other communities that thousands should be manageable. Also, for all issues political, I would never, ever tell anyone that violence is the answer. Violence is never the answer. Do not use violence, which would be the only thing that would get your representatives to correct their behaviour. Never violence. Violence... not even once.

you will be swinging from a tree, you fuckin greedy, disloyal, race-traitor, cuckservative

They know a lot of the stuff is fucked up, but they are cowards

A few thousand will make them squirm.
Keep it up Ron DeSavage.
Make these assholes live in the fucked up world they are trying to make everyone else live in.
Hell, up the game, start sending violent paroles to their enclaves. With a check and a contract to never come back to Florida or texas, or face life in prison.

God Americans are so fucking fat it's disgusting.

This is correct. They'll bring clothes and dinner for the first few waves and then behind the curtain hope that they fuck off and get ferry's back to the mainland. A few more shipments and they'll be openly racist.

Of course, you probably pay shit, no benefits, time off etc. And you wonder why no one wants to work for you? Your solution? Hire shit skins who invade the U.S. are you a fucking kike boomer? Kys

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Let the rapefest begin.

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So glad my family left that humid, nigger and meth-ridden shithole.

>Taking the bait
I suppose you cretins should be worried that 60IQ mud-hutters can replace you in the workforce. Fuck me, you people are dumb as a day old nigger.

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Lol 48? They panic over 48...

A couple hundred I reckon. But send thousands, they asked for it.