It’s over for these mongolese-speaking Slavic chuds!

It’s over for these mongolese-speaking Slavic chuds!

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I will never be a Hungarian.


holy based hungary

Just fucking blockade all their roads and topple that little bitch
Then break the country into parts that get annexed by neighbouring countries

Hungarian are racist incels

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>no longer a democracy
>elected legally with the supervision of leftist and EU vote counters and monitors
>meanwhile EU parliament is filled with unelected officials who make sweeping changes without any discussion

I'd argue that Hungary is one of the few democratic countries left in Europe

>Elect right wing leader
>promotes white births
EU: this is an attack on democracy by a fascist dictator

>break the country into parts that get annexed by neighbouring countries
That already happened a while ago

You won't do shit.

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>no longer a democracy
So Hungary officially became the most baste yuropeen nation? Congrats, bros. Help us out.

Name one (1) benefit of mass immigration.

Orban was the only Euro leader who said applying the sanctions against Russia would harm themselves more than Russia. For not obeying Ursula's dictum the European Union will withhold funding to Hungary. Imagine wanting to be a part of a union where your countries funding is held against you as a form of blackmail. Particularly when no cunt ever voted for Ursula.

Your identity gets watered down so jews can rule over you with greater ease.

The most democratic country in the EU branded a non-democracy because it doesn't align with Marxist policies of the EU. OK -- thanks projectionist kikes and journos.

Based magyar

White girls from Ukraine

Maybe they can help Russia end the war in jewkraine now?

If you live in Transylvania you might

Kek, this war will never end. It's a CIA operation to destroy Europe forever

Is there really fraud there or something?

There was no fraud, we had EU monitors for the election. The opposition simply fizzled out, no one wanted their retarded shit.

>Hungary block the admission of the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD
>The EU revoke their right for being too corrupt

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Diversity is our strength.
You are just not included in the our.

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Hungarians are not Slavic, you brown subhuman faggot.