Nice job China

Nice job China

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What if it doesn't collapse bros?

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but will it collapse?

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There's no jetfuel so we should be fine right?

Holy shit what is the siding material made out of, jet fuel?

That would be anti-semitic.

Everyone knows Chinese skyscrapers are made of far better quality than U.S ones. It could never collapse.

>it all burns like a pile of matches
fucking chinks I swear. no fire retardant, no isolation, nothing


another chink chink webm

who cares, chinese dont care about other chinese, only care about them and their closest family

Wow it must smell like tempura for blocks

I bet the smell is making all the other chinamen hungry

Is this an AI fire from the other bread?


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is there a livestream just to make sure?

nothing burger as usual.

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The WTC towers were critically damaged by plane strikes. I don’t think that happened here. /sarc

Why? Are there dogs in the building?

that looks pretty bad, those offices are completely destroyed and everyone inside is cooked

pooh bear sent a dick pic

Chinese building. Made with plastic steel and cardboard concrete. Burned whole. DID NOT COLLAPSE.


Looks worse than the kyoani fire and that one incinerated all the middle aged women inside.

I wish for this to happen to crackers

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Don't worry. It won't collapse into it's own footprint.