Why is he so easy to hate?

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Because you desperately want to hate him

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I like the guy. Most white trash on this board don't like him because he is 1) a jew and 2) like most jews, he is doing a damn good job.

Because your fag russian army got exposed to the maxx. Damn, I remember on how big mouthed you Z sluts where in fucking february. KEK.

>Why hate a jew?
>Why hate a faggot?
>Why hate a globohomo leader?
>Why hate the disgusting?

Hahaha triggered

>אני מוצץ איבר מין יהודי

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The first initial of his name is Z. Z is the letter painted on all the russian military vehicles. He is a puppet installed by putin. Russia was playing ukraine and the world this whole time.

A good job of siphoning American tax dollars and going on vacations, yeah I guess he is like most Jews.

>leave the politician alone

he's the puppet of an oligarch
he sold out (lend lease)


Why does this albino niggers name keep having its spelling changed?

>This random ass comedian that got elected by chance is the source off all evil.

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because you are not white. He's a champion of the aryan race

>source off all evil.
Never said that

Maybe not you but 90% off all russia supporters on here sure act like it.

because he pretents to be what he clearly isn't

He is evil.

Zelensky fatigue. They should have casted him as the little mermaid. Being a bad hebraic actor and LARPing as a tough guy makes him so punchable. Just seeing his manlet jew rat face makes my fists clenched.