Top 10 strongest armies in the world (on 2022):

Top 10 strongest armies in the world (on 2022):

1. US
2. China
3. Turkey
4. Israel
5. UK
6. France
7. Ukraine
8. Japan
9. Brazil
10. India

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So let me get this straight. Your governor sends a bunch of migrants across the country and you think it's a win to treat people like that? You're sick.

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>7. Ukraine
>8. Japan
Bring it
Japan will fuck you up
I fucking dare you

>lose 20% of the territory & has for many years
>number 7 in the world
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>7. Ukraine

Number 37 without$ military help.
Without NATO aid you are a bunch of peasants with rusty AKs.

>strongest armies in the world
Although now Russia has been proven to be not as strong.

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Ukraine is fully mobilized for war and you can't push out 150,000 poorly motivated Russian soldiers.

almost ALL of the fighting being done in donbass is a combination of Donetsk Militia, Chechen mongrels & Wagner mercs. And the only competent ones are the mercs.

If Putin actually had balls and declared WAR and fully mobilized you'd be fucking flattened and Zelenskyy would be living in USA telling everyone we need to nuclear holocaust Russia.

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no way french faggots could beat ukrainian supersoldiers right now lol

Tell me something i said that was a lie?

I can't decide whether or not to take the Japanese seriously anymore.
You got firebombed so bad your population has decided to silently commit suicide with cartoons and school girl outfits

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I found it odd that the Russians didn't openly send the units they had in Syria.
Those guys fucked

>Top 10 strongest armies
how is this measured ? fake and gay stats that mean nothing at all

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>>lose 20% of the territory & has for many years

Exactly, they lost ONLY 20% of their territory to a country that was SUPPOSED to be the second strongest in the world, and were able to stall the invasion and prevent the Russians from advancing any further and are currently taking their territory back, that makes them worthy of being in the top 10 and you're a moron if you can't see that.

Imagine Mexico holding back the US army if the US invaded Mexico, i think we would be impressed


this fucker is all about diversity and muttification but not for jews it seems. thousands of years.

Russia is strongest army. Defeat LGBT WEST in 3 days.

They are, but they don't follow the same rules of engagement. In Syria Assad told Putin where the rebels/ISIS were and then Russia proceeded to bomb them with disregard to any political outcry. Since the beginning of this "SMO" he's been far too light handed for his goals. The opening missile strikes on the 24th of February were pathetic, and he thought Ukraine would just roll over.

Basically, if Putin didn't care about how he's seen in Russia he could just repeat what he did in Syria and use his overwhelming air superiority to bomb the fuck out of West Ukraine, completely destroy infrastructure and roll over the country. Obviously he can't do this because it would be very unpopular.

>but not for jews it seems
this is no surprise.

>Obviously he can't do this because it would be very unpopular.
bvllshit, putin has some close ties with the archenemy of russia: just look at how jew abramovich was chosen to protect russian interests and the picture is clear.

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Okay, so explain to me why Putin didn't bomb infrastructure before his invasion? He could have done it very easily. They just blew the fuck out of a dam as a demonstration of that.

The ONLY reason they didn't and continue not to, is because it's politically unpopular for him. Or he has personal reasons.

>4. Israel
Imagine having a worse military than a few pants shitting 95 IQ kikes in a pathetically tiny desert shithole. Europeans LITERALLY aren't even trying anymore, it's so sad.

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Ukrainian soldier talking to his son:
>I'm going to fight and die for this supremacist regime that considers me an expendable piece of trash. I'm dying for feminism, so that one day they can also sacrifice your worthless life. I'll make sure all Ukrainian males keep being tormented, discriminated and ultimately genocided by their own feminist government.

you wish dipshit

You can't even afford to wipe your ass without aid.

Top military lmao.

>Okay, so explain to me why Putin didn't bomb infrastructure before his invasion? He could have done it very easily.
you should explain me this instead, because your logic is quite weak...

Putin simply is not letting the army to win the war, by continuosly pulling the hand brake. He is the solely responsible of this low intensity fight which is turning against the whole thing. The fact the putin / kremlin has all these friends in the international jewish oligarchy, is the correct answer.

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>South Korea

then everyone else has effectively no capability to wage modern war.