Country of immigrants

>country of immigrants
>complains about immigrants

explain this for me ameribros

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muh dick

*european immigrants

Do you see anything written in German? German pride month, German street gangs?

who gives a fuck. you niggers complain all the time. still trying to figure out what the fuck you monkeys do that actually contributes to society.

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>period pooh
What this means

During Xi's regime.

imagine making coal burning your whole personality

This is someone's daughter. Just imagine.

Just looked it up it's some nigger thing do NOT type it in your search engine.

Heil Hitler digits checked
Yeah race traitors get the bullet first but for coal burners I think they should get what they desire first and unleash a pack of sex deprived niggers upon them to basically use them as an onahole first. It would easily be 30 niggers per coal burner maybe even 100.

wh*tebois truly can't compete with raw african sexual power

I love how the only thing niggers, welfare americans, basketball americans, porch monkeys, coons, pavement apes, and gangbangers can only think of "MUH DIK YT!" because alas that is their only accomplishment despite living in the best environment and most resource rich continent in the world of thousands of years free from YT and not once did they actually think of going beyond fucking mudhuts and ogoa booga me need put MUH DIK IN DIS!. Your race is so fucking lucky that kikes were able to brainwash enough Whites to keep you asses alive and hand you all the privileges you posses because you are black.

LOL, YT values his mind, niggers value their genitals. And you wonder why we say you're little more than animals. It's because you are.

Cope wytboi and bow down the superior BBC

hows the bbc doing in jackson, ms? laying some pipe yet nigga?

She’s saying basically that she’s a race traitor and whichever man she fucks she will support their interests even above her own people. This is why interracial dating is bad because those women are no longer part of your tribe

This. Hart Celler is a Jewish abomination and you can directly correlate the decline of the US by several quantifiable metrics from when we left Bretton Woods and implemented Hart Celler to today.

Most americans aren't immigrants.

I mean ultimately Black Lives Matter caused the murder rate to increase by 30-40 percent resulting in thousands of deaths. Some of them were whites but the majority were blacks being killed. Very ironic but these protests caused a lot more deaths than the police ever have

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