Alex Jones

Is he controlled opposition or just a schizo?

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he's cool

Both and

So let me get this straight. Your governor sends a bunch of migrants across the country and you think it's a win to treat people like that? You're sick

He is low hanging fruit for anti free speech types because he is so outrageous. They are attempting to make silencing him the model for others who don't tow the public narrative.
In truth, lot of the stuff he has talked about over the decades has come to pass.
The important thing about that however is that the stuff he is right about just so happens to be the same stuff that these new world order types have been openly telling us that they want to do. (they just dont like when you point out how obviously terrible and evil their ideas are. Its the same phenomenon that libsoftiktok uncovered.
Now that stuff is starting to truly come to pass and the internet makes it more visible than ever.
He is starting to look less and less like a shock jock and more like a prophet as the days go by so this has increased the urgency to suppress him.
They just have to do it long enough until his heart goes out...this guys arteries are definitely not in the best of shape.

They are trying way to fucking hard to ruin him to be controlled opposition. 40 million dollar fine for speaking.

Fox news is controlled opposition. You don't use every facet of the state's power and influence to silence and crush your own asset.

>controlled opposition
He is, however he speaks truth most of the time. Nobody listens to him though, because everyone think he is a clown. Even his gay frogs turned to be true.

He is a schizo, but mainly a grifter who grifts from utteraly failing, skilless, and obsolete white trash types. Most of his hardcore followers are alcholics or meth addicts.

thanks bro I try

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This, he's a pressure release valve for the establishment. That's why he's allowed to get fucked up in court but is never jailed.

He may not even know he's controlled.

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Just a schizo.

Absolute hero, possibly saintly

He love troon groomers, so a true American poltard

Right about literally everything.

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You've been doing it en masse since Biden got in and you didn't complain about it then. Why now esp when they're being sent to perhaps the wealthiest and most beautiful jurisdiction in the USA. kek.

You're hypocriisy is just screaming at us troon faggot. I hope DeSantis dumps about 100,000 of them there and in Malibu too.

George Clooney is 110% in favor of illegal immigration and he fled Lake Como when the African niggers set up shanty towns there. Lake Como makes Malibu look like a pig sty. The homes on that lake are superb ancient works of art. He fled in fear from it with his paid whore for the safety of Malibu. Let's dump MS12 tattooed face murderers on Malibu next so George can savor their unique cuisine whatever. See how the swine childl fuckers of the Democratic Party like that. kek.

FSB asset

>utteraly failing, skilless, and obsolete white trash types
Not like the brain damaged crack addicted incestuous child fucker paid blackmailed agents of the chicoms like the Biden Crime Family and their minions eh?

When I think of alex, everything revolves back around to money. I listened to him for a few years and I thought he was funny. The shit he says just makes you laugh if you have a sense of humor. But the thing that stood out to me the most is he had these things called "money bombs" where he would beg people to donate as much money as possible. The dude wasn't struggling and wasn't about to lose his business. It was literally pure greed asking people for money like a beggar does on the street to buy drugs. I was impressed how he got away with it, and it was usually under the guise of "help me fight the new world order man 20 bucks today!". Never bought shit from his store. Although I remember once I ordered some free stickers with free shipping.

American legend
>t. pantry full of infowars supplements

Shut up you pathetic faggot. Go suck your pedophile king’s dick.

Stop voting for open borders if you don’t want illegals in your neighborhood. You are a disingenuous pile of shit and I hope you are raped by an illegal.

If he really IS Mossad, why are they throwing him under the bus?

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He's right about everything.