Thoughts on white Muslims?

Thoughts on white Muslims?

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Why is her face crooked? Is she inbred like all brown Muslims?

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>Thoughts on white Muslims?
we need the Russian Federation to bleach muslims

>God is fascist authoritarian

They're Muslim men's wives.

I will move to Russia asap.

They're based because they make poltard Christcuck s seethe

She's just a volga tatar. Pic related is also one. Probably the "whitest" among all asiatics.

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this is jewish propaganda if she was a sunni she would at the least have a hijab on
unless shes a progressive muslim who was groomed by you westerners

Too much vodka

Crawl out of your desert, ya ahbal. Even egypt which lies next door has women who disregard hijab and yet profess belief in the tenets of Islam.

Hell, even in your peninsular states, you should see what your women turn into the moment an international flight moves out of their country's escort wouldn't dress that slutty.


Passed out drunkards with Muzzie headwear

>brown eyes
brown in the eyes. brown in the family. If its hard for me to see your pupil I dont consider you a civilized human being, but a base monkey after pleasures with zero virtue.
inb4 cherrypicking a browner

A person who is civilized wouldn't write what you just wrote. Your anonymous persona is the real you, not the one you pretend to be when you're around people.


>no veil
What a whore

I can fix her

if a woman doesnt wear hijab shes a hypocrite munafiq

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No opinion, as long as they don't annoy me

I would sunni islam her vagina if you catch my drift

>Is she inbred like all brown Muslims?
just the way the picture looks. The reality is that she’s muslim because she married one. Russia promotes race mixing with central asian muslims like we promote niggers here. Russian tv programming will always paint them as handsome and wealthy. Ethnic russians are white and are subjected to the same genocidal forces as the other white populations of the world.

Why is a portrait of Kamala Harris in the Bible?

is this the russian version of that man on the street thing
i'm guessing homie realized women have the most retarded takes