Women Who Stay Single and Don't Have Kids Are Getting Richer

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and then they turn 50 and realise they have no husband and no kids and they wasted their life

What is the value of dying alone with no offspring?

How much is that worth?

Wooooo, money!

>Women who work longer hours, get home late and work extra days have a bigger number on the bank paper

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>A deep sense of satisfaction as a sales representative
Dear god.

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>Just take yourself out of the genepool

Meanwhile, at the wine bar..
>Oh my lord did you see those screaming brats in here earlier? So glad they kicked them out.
>I know...you know though, sometimes I wish I had kids... HAHAHHAHAA just kidding
>Hahahhaa oh my God Kathy you had me going there for a minute
>lol right??

Exactly. Darwinism at work. All those things are mere distractions and the fittest are the ones not getting distracted.

For my entire adult life, I have met or known women who didn’t want kids. And some who even hated kids. This seems so wrong to me. Like biologically incorrect. Like a person who was born broken. It is literally the most unattractive thing in the world for a woman to not want kids. They have no other purpose in life than bearing and raising children and, when they refuse to do that, they are just taking up space and wasting resources. Women who don’t want children are basically non-human aliens to me. Nothing makes my dick softer.

Oh well. Next!

That's good to know, maybe they can be entombed with their Mastercard. You know so they can buy the happiness they missed out on in the next life.

They don't hate kids. No one hate kids.
They hate not being able to have them and cope by switching this hate on kids.

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>don't spend 300k on a kid
>have more money
wow, no shit. they are miserable and cannot hide it for more than 5 years.

>A deep sense of satisfaction as a sales representative
Not only is that the most sad and pathetic thing I have read all day, but no such positions will exist in the future economy - machine learning is empowering those with 150+ IQ to automate all information based work done by the midwit drone masses.

> no children or husband
> you can still have it all
I have this convo with my wife a lot. Her point of view is that she just thinks any women who says she doesn’t want a husband and to raise children is only doing so because of the social backlash they’d face if they admitted to it

I tend to agree with her

Lets make these "rich" roasties kill themselves.
Post happy mothers.

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We have a lot of pictures of lefties reacting to large, happy white families somewhere.

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you will slave away for jews and you will be happy
literally said no one ever


Is that why you see so many 40 something "want someday" dating profiles?

They can have more money to spend on their suicide.

No dude. There are fertile young women who hate kids. Women who could give you four or five kids if they didn’t find them annoying and a cramp on their hedonistic lifestyle of mindless consumption

What's the value of dying alone with an offspring?
What's the value of life to have an offspring just for the sake of not benig alone when you die?
What guarantees that you won't die alone just because you have an offspring, or ten?

and for what