Where are they now?

Whatever happened to.
>Generation Identity
>Soldiers of Odin
>Third Way
>Golden Dawn

They really had the libs scared for a while and now what? It seems that all we do is march around with cool logos and banners and then vanish. Meanwhile Antifa is still going strong. As much as I hate them, at least they have tenacity.

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Russia ran out of money.
They were jailed.
They were cancelled.
They were bought out.

golden dawn got sent to jail and the rest gg'd and quit - some of which started a generic conservative queer party like in every other sissy white country

idk about the rest

>>Generation Identity
was infested with glowie shills in germany (I know: got raided), and covered by the interior ministry during that time

but don't trust Germans in this regard: glowies aint allowed to investigate certain things, like Russian influence

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what a shit outfit and flag

>>Generation Identity
>>Soldiers of Odin
>>Third Way
>>Golden Dawn
>shabbos goys

Generation identity UK was a disaster.
Those onions were cringe as hell (going to their university campuses and yelling about the great replacement through megaphones).

I'm fairly certain Martin seller was/is a fed Glowie. Sure his uncle's in an Austrian prison, that could be all the motivation to help the government(s) that take orders from Tel aviv.

They were fraud larpers not seriously invested in the struggle

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You're not even allowed to march in uniforms.

Slavs in general are retard nationalist, extremely easily coopted by jews since its core identity are memes.
Slavs will kill their neighbor brother for pronouncing words differently or bearing the wrong flag.
They are football hooligan nationalist.
All banner and no blood.
They'll come up with all manner of jewish excuses for killing their own brothers,
revenge for something probably done by jews.
>"they aren't identifying with race, so why should we?"
>they're different.
Real nationalism is grounded in nation (people/tribe) and soil.
The banners are just symbols that should help signify this fact.
Don't let jews carry your banner to war against your own.

>Generation Identity
The kikes decided it's illegal to make a crime thought. They were forced to disband because they have placed some panels in a mountain. And this is a very serious crime.

Of course they reformed with other names within a week.

>Slavs in general are retard nationalist, extremely easily coopted by jews since its core identity are memes.

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They're glowies. As long as society hasn't completely collapsed those larpers will never gain power here in Sweden.

I can tell you what happened because I'm right at the crossroads and can see many different things, such as how westerners and easterners behave.

In the west you do not have a right wing. I'll tell you why. In the east here, people are international-focused. People want an internationalized version of nationalism, like a common front against neoliberalism. Our country had its micro-golden age not when it founded fascism, but when it joined the fascist Axis and got territorial gains as a gift. We are a supporting country. People here understand their role in their struggle and this reflects onto their culture. No one wants to found a movement here, we want to support one that already exists. As such, we love ideas like a right wing EU or a new Axis being formed and would undoubtedly join it in an instant, in the vast majority of far-righters and centrists and even some liberals. This is what a right wing looks like.

In the west, you have something else. In the west you have exceptionalism. Pride in one's exceptional culture is certainly the mark of a right wing ideology, but it is not exclusive, because you can pride yourself with leftist decadence as well. Here comes the USA as an example - their pride is liberalism no matter how decaying it may be. To be an American patriot is to be a proud anti-fascist and a constitutionalist. That's where we run into a little problem, because this right wing ideology is now forced to subtract pride, and this is exactly what is happening in America - right wingers are actively anti-America and discard it as a lost case that needs to be dismantled ASAP.

So this is one of the issues of any group attempting to run a right wing platform, and by right wing I mean the European meaning of right wing and not the libertarian free market one. They pump up morale rapidly and use the exceptionalism of their country as a very successful launching pad, Americans will take pride in their freedom and use it as a call to arms to fellow right wingers to defend it NOW, and Scandinavians will take pride in their supposed masterrace status as the "true whites" and use that as a rallying cry that whiteness needs to be defended.

In both of these cases, the ideology is a manifestation of exceptionalism, ideological or racial, and not of legitimate right wing objectives. No one wants to change the structure of their society and almost none of these groups are calling for a violent overthrow of the democratic government, none of them are irredentists who want to reverse the Versailles treaty, or reconquer Italian Roman lands, or reconquer Macedonia. They do not actually seek fascism. They see their societies and they think that they're just fine minus one or two things that need to be ironed out. The Americans see their wealth and conclude that they are exceptional and that this must be preserved. The Nordics see their wealth and conclude that they are exceptional and that this must be preserved. The Anglos see their wealth and conclude that they're exceptional and that this must be preserved. These groups are a manifestation of exceptionalism that wants to prolong the status quo. They are not the bringers of the revolution. The revolution threatens their exceptionalism. A common front of right wingers working together to annihilate neoliberalism runs counter to their values, as that would put their exceptional wealth at a risk. They are materialists.

So back at us again. What difference do I see here? That this exceptionalism does not exist. For sure we maintain our own version of exceptionalism and we do exhibit pride, like our culture being superior and that we're responsible for civilizing the majority of slavs, but we do not want to preserve anything as of right now. We want a revision of almost everything. We are closer to what Hitler felt during Weimar Germany, the poverty and humiliation and maybe even starvation soon, than any of these Nordics or Americans living in luxury have ever been. We are not exceptional, but we can be, with the right changes to this international order that's been asphyxiating our nation for decades. We see NATO as the military enforcement wing of this unfortunate status quo. NATO must go away ASAP, period, full stop. The Nordic right wingers on the other hand see it as the vehicle to btfo Russia because, uh, because they're exceptional and need to prove that they're stronger than Russia.

These are two completely different things, yet on the outside appear the same. One needs to internationalize and form an underground alliance against a strong status quo, to basically reform what the Axis was, while the other wants to stay away from such attempts at subverting the status quo by JOINING the status quo under NATO. At the end of the day the right wing in a nation pursuing goals such as ours remains healthy and radically active. We are perhaps the HQ of anti-Americanism in the EU right now. It's only growing stronger by the way. The average person here is like a walking Any Forums thread, yes, including the jewish question in many cases too. It's not an uphill battle for me as a right winger to "redpill the masses", it's a given, they're redpilling themselves.

I hope that I brought an important distinction that I've never seen mentioned anywhere else, maybe because the English-dominated internet where it was supposed to be mentioned did not have the insight of a right winger who was not from the west. I hope that I've shone some light on this question that everyone just keeps asking themselves, which is:
>But why do all these right winger movements around me keep failing? Why do they all keep getting demoralized? What happened to the tiki torch marches? Why isn't Western Europe identitarian anymore?????????

The answer to that question is that they were never radicalized to begin with. They were the pretend-right wing of the center of the status quo. In America, they legitimately wanted to elect Trump and legitimately wanted him to do what he did. When he did it, their revolution was no longer necessary and they stopped. They just wanted him to restore pride and exceptionalism. They didn't want to rewrite anything. In the UK, they just wanted Nigel to restore Anglo exceptionalism and independence. When he did so, he was no longer useful to anyone and UKIP fell off. No one even cares about the ramping up wave of refugees because no one cared to begin with. It was all about maintaining exceptionalism.

Understand all of the above and you will hold the DNA of the actual radical revolution that you're seeking, that these people keep cucking you out of. Meanwhile, the gradual radicalization of my society here will go on as planned. See you on the other side when the economic collapse (thanks to NATO that is) dumps a gallon of water onto the seed.

good words

Here is a webm just for you i.4cdn.org/wsg/1663332428887837.webm

It is essentially everything I've written above, from one of the better times back then, spoken by the man himself. Channel that kind of energy and not the kind of energy of EDL, UKIP, AfD, SD, FN, MAGA, or whatever these cucks manage to invent after the prior ones fall off, which they will. There is an entire ideology of difference between revolutionary revisionism, and status quo but less annoying.

unironically saved what you wrote, best things I have read in a long time on this god forsaken board

Thanks. I would've written more and I kinda cut myself in the middle of it but I didn't want to bore you with a massive wall of text.

Basically: do not fall for the tricks of the status quo, that sells you exceptionalism and tells you that it's going to change anything. Imagine what a "based & redpilled nationalist" party would've looked like in 20s Germany, that was totally based & trad & redpilled, but at the same time condemned what this NSDAP did and distanced themselves from such terrible optics because after all they cared for their image and election prospects. There were such parties in fact. All of them crushed by the wave of irrelevancy, permanently erased from history unless you make an active effort of looking them up. Even without a NSDAP existing the same is happening to these tentacles of the neo-Weimar Republic anyway. No one will even know what a "UKIP" was a decade from now, in the same way that people barely remember what all the failed attempts at selling nationalism in a democratic way were in every single western country to date. But there's one party whose name everyone knows a whole 80 years later which pulls a legitimate demand for its re-creation even to this day. People want change. That's the core of the right wing ideology. No one wants to spend his life decaying in a static position. It's not about conserving the present but about positive change that is not this false notion of "progress". They want change without the so-called progress, to put it in a better way. That is the driving engine of the far-right revolution. And now that I put it this way, do the guys in OP's pic appear to offer any change at all? UKIP offered some change, which was really just reactionaryism against this new EU entity, and it did capture every right winger, and then the change just stopped and everything died out and reverted to the static demoralization and self-hatred. It's like the right wing just died and submitted to the paki invasion.