Drink milk! Only one-third of adults worldwide can digest milk without intolerance.
ust 5,000 years ago, even though it was a part of their diet, virtually no adult humans could properly digest milk. But in the blink of an evolutionary eye northern Europeans began inheriting a genetic mutation that enabled them to do so. The trait became common in just a few thousand years, and today it’s found in up to 95 percent of the population.


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This shit stupid man. I know many niggers who drink milk.

Oldest bog butter is like 5,000 years.
We have likely been digesting milk for a LOT longer than that.

>one-third of adults worldwide can digest milk
Everyone who matters can, who cares about poos and niggers

reason 237627896 we aren't the same species as niggers

No thanks, I don't like the taste of it. Never actually did.

Yes, I can drink liters of milk a day no problem.

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I thought you faggots were the highest milking drinking nation.

they replaced it with cum
more sustainable, they say

how many litres do you drink a week Any Forums? for me its 3 l minimum

What about Mongolians, their traditional diet is comprised of various fermented dairy products, milk, mare's milk, etc..?

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he's a fag that prefers chalk and solder favored tap water
Finnish milk way better than the shit they have at US, it tasted almost half-rotten

I think that's true. I just never liked the taste of it.

Yes, make sure to fill up on the bovine growth hormone.

To me all milk tastes rotten. There's a distinct after taste that brings images of puss infected wounds into my mind.

fermentation gets rid of the lactose

sounds like a you problem
nothings more satisfying then coming back home after a long days work and chugging some milk
tastes better than beer desu

No point in arguing about taste to be honest. I use milk in cooking and baking, but cannot stand the taste of it raw. Cheese, butter and yogurt is top tier as well.

I finished all my milk, I must go to the grocery store before I kms.
What kind of milk are you drinking? Maybe you live your milk outside the fridge after opening it, I don't know how much difference it makes in Finland out of all places but there is no way your milk tastes rotten.

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for whatever reason I cannot drink milk slowly, I just hammer it down every time I pour a glass.
gut bacteria runs us, anons. we are just a meat shell pilot.

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But you have niggers on Africa like The Maasai in Tanzania who have adult lactase persistance and drink milk just fine.
Not that great of a flex

Yeah me too, and because we buy only in 1l cartons, one glass is 0,5 its so fast gone