Seriously speaking, why are Mexicans so short and fat?

Seriously speaking, why are Mexicans so short and fat?

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Indios genes

god punish them

Arab/whitoid mutt + native


Legitimately? Poor diet.
Brown people can't handle white foods. It's too rich for them, when they're used to eating dirt cakes and orange slop. Especially when they're introduced to white food very quickly (see: Polynesia).
When they see a McDonald's their brains fry and they can't stop eating. It's stunting their growth and leading to an obesity crisis. They're trying to find a way to blame the crisis on white people, but they're literally eating themselves to death all on their own.
Sad to see it happening.

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Then you say that porn is bad. If the soldiers who went to Mexico had porn on the long trip, they wouldn't be so desperate to sleep with those monstrous beings.

Poor nutrition unironically

Traditionally they eat a lot of high carb flour and corn based foods, bread, cheese and meat. Most of these poor people in the US eat junk food on top of that.

Combination of shit genes and eating goyslop all day.

> Porn better than fuck

Yo creo que has de ser un español muy feo y nadie te hace caso, ya que es muy fácil sentirte mejor señalando lo feas que pueden ser otras personas, pero el hecho de que compares a la gente con "el porno" me hace pensar que eres otro de esos feos raritos que quieren ligar chicas bonitas fuera de sus ligas. De otro modo no harías porno referencias.

Cree lo que quieras de nosotros, hay mexicanas con rasgos indios más hermosas de lo que podrías alcanzar.

>poor nutrition
I read a thread on /x/ about how corn is evil. It's some kind of mutated, giant alien grain. Mexicanos have a corn heavy diet. Grain destroys human teeth and GI tracts, and feeds parasites.
Speaking of parasites... It's my opinion that the American continents are infected with literal demons from the warp. Spaniards came here and were so appalled by native savagery that they fairly quickly and thoroughly destroyed as much culture/history as they could. And these motherfuckers had just come from the Spanish Inquisition. It's a cursed and evil land, and is currently manifesting itself in all the fucked up shit cartels get into. Maybe one day Europeans will learn their lesson and stay the fuck out of jungles and deserts.

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Before Spain bringing cattle Mezoamerica had a huge protein issue. That's why they are used to eat ze bugs (chapolins, gusanos, etc.) way before Charles Schwab turn this into mainstream. Meanwhile, in Brazil, where Natives lived almost in a non-scarcity place, they had normal (+1.70m) heights, with some giants

In 2019 I've been in Mexico and it was patent that the only big Mexicans had Basque ancestors.

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tortillas are literally flour/cornmeal and lard

>Mexicanos have a corn heavy diet
*grease and soda-heavy diet

In your opinion is it possible for the Americas to be tamed by Europeans? And the demon infestation quelched? I mean Spaniards/Portuguese tried pretty hard with Catholicism. I wonder if that institution wasn't already infested itself. Are tropical environs more prone to infestation? Maybe functional Europeans need a cold winter every year for a parasitic die-off

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>grease and soda
Grain derived oil and corn syrup... it still all comes from GMO grain

nothing wrong with that
stick to your race

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